I've got a feeling...

that's today's gonna be a good day.  I was pretty excited for Thursday, I had an appointment at the hair salon scheduled & I was not planning to workout!  I always look forward to my two days off from working out.  Eating is a bigger chore but it's nice to be able to lounge sometimes.  Plus I had another morning without a clothing crisis, it's a miracle!  My "bat wing" sweater is from NY & Co, the pants are from Boscov's and the black booties are Naturalizer.  The pants are a little higher rise then I normally like but had cute details and a nice fit so I bought them anyway, so far no complaints.
Joe used the last banana for his breakfast on Wednesday so I decided to have some craisins in my oatmeal = 281 calories.  I find it so funny that I'm eating so much oatmeal lately.  I always thought I hated it and would balk at the idea of even having it in my house but now it's like my go to breakfast food.
Work was fine, more packing for the move on Friday.  Everyone seems very excited and eager for the change.  I ate lunch at my desk again = 311 calories.
I was super excited to head to the salon as soon as 5pm hit.  My bangs were getting very long and my hair was starting to flip up in the back which is a tell tale sign that it's too long.  The problem is that I'm still operating under the delusion that I'm growing it out so I needed it cut but didn't want to lose any length.  Luckily, my stylist, Jessica was on board and has a plan.  She managed to tame everything without taking off much length.  It's definitely going to be process but I'm excited!
Joe had the day off and was therefore in charge of dinner.  Unfortunately he wasn't home to feed me when I got there though.  I made a quick change into some comfy clothes and headed next door to visit with Nicole & Jack.  Joe showed up not long after me and he had a present!  A fancy purple case for my phone!
I made Joe aware that I was ready for some dinner so we invited Nicole & Jack back to the house for some grilled cheese w/tomato & soup.  It was delicious and I gorged myself as usual = 806 calories.
Lou was working late so there was no need for our guests to rush home.  We decided this was the perfect opportunity to watch some American Idol & Grey's Anatomy.  None of us had seen the performance show from Wednesday so we started there.  I thought everyone did pretty well except for Paul & Haley.  Next we moved on to the musical episode of Grey's.  It was ok, I didn't think it was really terrible but it was hard to follow what was going on with all the singing over the dialog.  Finally we watched the AI results show as it was happening (but with plenty of time for fast forwarding built in).  I am very happy with who was voted off, I've been waiting for those girls to go for weeks now.  I would have been happier if it was Haley though, she just irritates me.
The neighbors headed home around 10:30, we headed up to bed not long after.  I was excited for Friday and the events of the weekend.

How did I do on my March goals?
1. Read 2 books:  no gym means no reading
2. Burn at least 750 calories a day for at least 25 days: 1982 burned - 1398 eaten = 584 burned, 23 days total
3. 1200 fitness minutes: 0 minutes today, 1373 total for month (goal complete)
4. Eat 1 fruit or veggie with each meal for at least 20 days:  banana w/breakfast, apple w/lunch & tomato w/dinner, 20 days total (goal complete)
5. 15 spend free days - hair cuts cost $$...9 days total...

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