The GMAT & new sneakers!

I was up pretty early on Saturday and had a full day planned.  I wanted to be sure I had a regular morning and wasn't rushing in hopes in would keep me calm for the test.  I got up a litte earlier then usual at 6am, jumped in the shower, played on the computer, got dressed & had breakfast (321 calories) just like every normal work day.  No luck, I was still pretty nervous.  But I was on my way to Atlantic City by 7:10 to determine my fate anyway, that might be a little dramatic...
I am trying to get into Richard Stockton College's MBA program.  I did my undergraduate work there so I'm hoping that may aid in my acceptance.  It's not that I think I did poorly on the test I'm just concerned about my math score.  The written and verbal portions were no sweat but I found some of the math was a little confusing to figure out exactly what they wanted as an answer.  I can't find information anywhere about whether or not they require a minimum score and I know they don't for other program's tests so hopefully my transcript, recommendation letters & essay will stand highly enough on their own that I won't have to worry too much.
They tell you to plan that the test will take four hours but I was done in two and a half.  I was supposed to meet at Amanda's house when I was finished so we could head up north together.  The problem is that the test was pretty much directly between my house & Amanda's so I didn't really want to drive home just to turn around and come back the same way but I also didn't want to interrupt her in whatever she was doing with her morning.  I decided to call her, text her & facebook her, lol.  When I didn't hear anything back I just drove to her house then sat in my car playing on my tab until she got home.  Turns out she was at the gym and didn't checked her phone.  Anyway, we were on the road before noon, picked Tammy up and headed over to Filomena's.  It was a nice place and I felt a little under dressed in my yoga pants but the food was good.  I ordered my favorite, a Wedge Salad (iceburg lettuce with bacon, red onion, sliced tomatoes, and crumbled gorgonzola with bleu cheese dressing) = 483 calories.
Lunch was so good and we had a great time catching up.  Eventually the conversation turned to my upcoming birthday brunch and what everyone was planning on wearing.  When I let it slip that I hadn't found anything yet they announced we were going to Ross immediately.  We spent the next hour pulling dresses off the racks, I believe we had 20 for me to try on.  I ended up finding one for brunch and a few options for Janey's rehearsal.  The first picture is my birthday dress & shoes, they were $15 each so I knew Joe wouldn't be mad I hadn't consulted him when he heard the price.
I haven't decided which of the next two I'll wear to the rehearsal yet.  The color is great on the left one but I think it may be a little too dark or dressy or something for a Sunday afternoon, luckily it totally works for the office so it'll get lots of use.  I'll probably end up wearing the one on the right with a more casual shoe for the rehearsal.
We spent more time then we had planned on dress shopping, it was almost 4!  We dropped Tammy off at home then made the half hour drive to Fleet Feet.  This place is a store with only running and walking shoes, they even request that you bring your current sneakers with you so they can see the wear pattern!  When we walked in they greeted us, asked us to have a seat then explained how running shoes are supposed to work.  Then they had us put on our current shoes and run back and forth in front of the building so they could see our stride.
Then they measure your feet.  He pointed out the different shapes of our feet.  See how the side of Amanda's comes out way further then mine and the owner's barely curves at all?  He also let us know what we should be buying running shoes a 1/2 size larger then other shoes because you don't want your toe rubbing up against the front.  It can make your toenail fall off!  Look how little my foot is, lol.
Once he had our sizes and run patterns he started bringing out the shoes.  There were a lot of shoes at least 4 pairs for each of us.
We would try on a pair of shoes then go outside and run in them so see how they felt.
After each jog we would rate the shoe and he would pull another pair based on what we said.  It took some time but we were both impressed with the service and satisfied with our new shoes.  Even is they are the most expensive pair in my closet.  We were excited to try them out on our 9 mile run the next day but the owner suggested we run in our old pair then break these in with a few shorter runs first.  I'm excited to try them out of Tuesday!  Mine are an Asics Gel Kayano 17 and Amanda got a pair of fancy Sauconys.  It's funny that even after trying on numerous brands we both ended up leaving with the same brand we came in with.
We were back on the road and heading for home by about 5:30.  Joe called and asked me to meet him at Home Depot around 7 because he wanted to load my car with supplies for his week off.  We loaded up another 18 pieces of wood and some soil before finally getting to go home.  It was a long day and neither of us felt like cooking so we ordered a delicious margherita pizza from Mac n' Manko's = 625 calories.
We didn't stay up too late because we were both exhausted after our long days.  Just ate pizza, watched tv and headed to bed early.

How did I do on my March goals?
1. De-clutter something: wasn't home to
2. Burn at least 750 calories a day for at least 25 days: 2061 burned - 1429 eaten = 632 burned, 6 days total
3. Yard work w/Joe: I helped unload the car when we got home, totally counts!

4. Less then 20 meals out:  lunch at Filomena's & dinner from Mac n' Manko, 7 down 13 more to go...
5. Ebay/Craigslist: nope

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