Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping

Into the future...  I feel like I have no time to do anything this week!  I need to get started on those cleaning tasks I assigned myself, I need to go through my clothes for my swapping soiree this Saturday, I need to get my birthday invite out by the end of the week and I still need to make it to my workouts and spend time with friends!  I know I'm stressing out for no reason and if I just started working on everything I could knock it all out quickly but when I think about everything that needs to be done it just seems insurmountable.
My Tuesday morning was pretty uneventful.  I even managed to stick with the first outfit I picked out.  Brown ruffled top from Ann Taylor Loft that Joe got me for xmas with a black 3/4 sleeve cardigan from Old Navy, black skinny dress pants from The Gap and black heels from Naturalizer.  I'm pretty pleased with the outfit, it looks dressy enough for work or a nice dinner but is so comfortable. 
Joe wanted to make me breakfast and who am I to kill a dream?  He whipped up a two egg omelet with bacon, tomato & laughing cow cheese = 299 calories.
I started working on yesterday's blog post and when I tried to pull up my goal spreadsheet it was missing from my thumb drive!  I had a small panic attack because this isn't the first time a document has disappeared from my little froggie and I didn't have a back up of this spreadsheet anywhere!  Luckily my computer had a copy archived from mid February so I didn't lose everything.  I did have to go through old blog posts to fill in the information again, so annoying.  I immediately went to amazon and ordered myself a new thumb drive, it's key shaped!  I carry too many important documents around on that thing to have it randomly deleting files.
My morning went by pretty quickly and with only a little drama.  I think the close quarters are starting to get to us.  We're all grating on each other's nerves and complaining emails are flying around.  I decided to grab some lunch around 12:30 and enjoyed some small talk with a coworker = 349 calories.
Angela & I were planning a 4 mile run outside after work.  I wasn't feeling extremely well but decided to push through instead of bailing.  I got dressed and when Angela showed up she said she wasn't feeling well either, lol.  We decided to take it easy and just went for a 3 mile walk.  The only bad part is now I feel like I have to make up that run later in the week which screws up my schedule (I HATE that).  But I think it was smart to only do what we felt comfortable with.  Although it's the 2nd time in a row we've wussed out on what was scheduled... 
My friend Edra is in town for a few days so we decided to meet up at Charlie's for food, drinks & catching up.  We took entirely too long trying to decide what to order and my final choice wasn't even that fantastic.  I had a vodka & club soda to drink and ordered the Roast Pork Sandwich (thin sliced oven roasted pork served hot on a kaiser roll and dished up with au jus & provolone) = 685 calories.  It was great getting to catch up with Edra!  I normally only see her at events and there's never enough time to really talk & share what's new.
In other good news my friend Kat got engaged while she was in Cabo last week!  I had a feeling she might.  She just got back yesterday and texted me about coming over this Saturday then asked me to call her, well we don't usually talk on the phone so I knew something was up.  I'm so excited for her!  Plus we all know I <3 weddings!

I got home just before 10 and was ready for bed.  It's always hard trying to see people during the week because I don't get anything done at home (see first paragraph).  Joe and I spent a few minutes catching up on our days and he let me know I finally convinced him to download the calorie counter app I use.  He's a little bummed because he hasn't lost any weight since he started working out so I thought it would be good for him to see what he's taking in & how much he's burning for a week or so.  I know he probably won't use it long term but at least he would get a could idea.  I can't believe the difference between his counts and mine.  His first day he worked out in the morning then went to work all day and burned 3851 calories!  He ate 3 meals (one of which was out at a bar & not low cal by any means) totaling about 2500 calories, so his burn was over 1000 and he barely had to try to take it easy, seriously so unfair!  I am so jealous!

How did I do on my March goals?
1. Read 2 books:  no reading done

2. Burn at least 750 calories a day for at least 25 days: 2167 burned - 1333 eaten = 834 burned, 11 days total
3. 1200 fitness minutes: 50 minutes today, 732 total for month
4. Eat 1 fruit or veggie with each meal for at least 20 days: tomato w/breakfast, apple & orange for lunch & nothing w/dinner, 11 days total
5. 15 spend free days - had to replace my usb drive, 2 days total...

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