February Wrap Up

Well, another month has come and gone.  I think February was a really great 28 days for me!  I feel good, I think Joe and I had some really great times together and I managed to take off 2 lbs!  Time to review what I said I'd do this month and what I actually did...

1. Read 2 books - I didn't even finish the one I started in January.  What a let down.

2. Total burn of at least 750 calories a day for at least 20 of 28 days - I made it 22 of 28 days!  Plus I managed to take some more weight off again!

3. 1000 fitness minutes & I'm not allowed to count walking at the restaurant - My total was 1180 for the month!

4. Eat 1 fruit or veggie with each meal for 20 of 28 days - I bombed this one big time.  I only got 12 of 20 days.

5. 10 spend-free days - My plan to bring Joe in as my financial advisor worked beautifully, I was spend free for 14 days!

edit: I forgot to review our goals as a couple and my yearly goals...

2011 - in progress list
1. Complete the Broad St run = 10 miles: I'm signed up and still training...
2. Complete some part of the 38th Annual American Cancer Society Bike-a-thon: Any ideas for another athletic event I can sub in?
3. Lose final 20 lbs = weigh in at 130: only 16 lbs to go!
4. Pay off 1 major credit card:  Visa is paid off!
5. Make grad school plans: I meant to sign up for testing in February but didn't.  I'm going to be better this month I swear.
6. Spend more quality time alone with Joe: 2 very enthusiastic thumbs up!
7. Wear a bikini in public: Not warm enough of that little clothing yet.
8. Use my sewing machine: It's still in the box & the box has been moved to the attic!
9. ...to be continued...: Haven't thought of anything new yet.  Any ideas?

Couple's Goals 
1. We will set a timer and both spend 15 minutes doing nothing but cleaning at least 3x a week: I deleted this one because it was too hard to track - but our house is totally clean enough...
2. De-clutter our lives, spend at least 2 hours each week deep cleaning/organizing:  I deleted this one because it was too hard to track - but I'm having a clothing swap this month to help get rid of things...
3. Visit 3 new places:  We went to Longwood Gardens for the first time, 1 down!
4. Do at least one outdoor activity together a month:  Longwood Gardens was primarily outside!
5. One date night a month:  We planned on Red Robin & a movie but ran out of movie time, still counts :-)
6. Go camping at least once this year:  Too cold for camping...
7. One new recipe a month:  Joe went a little crazy on the new recipes this month, I think we're counting the pot roast for this month.
8. Go on a big vacation together:  We haven't made anymore plans for our trip in August with my mom, Shana & Bil but we may have somewhere to stay in Utah!
9. Spend more time with family, I'm shooting for once a month:  We didn't spend any time with any of them together this month...  But we already have dinner plans with my dad for tonight (3/1)
10. Finish 1 major project:  After the trip to Longwood we've got big plans for the backyard...

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