I am going to attempt to clean out my crap, and boy do I have a lot of it.  I was reading this post about a sort of twist on giving something up for lent.  They basically start on Ash Wednesday and declutterize over the next forty days.  The hope is to motivate yourself to clean our their homes 1 bag/day at a time.  I'm hoping to attack the following areas of my home, one each day.  Now I know I won't be able to knock something out everyday, I'm kinda busy, so I'm giving myself 38 days to accomplish 23 tasks.  I plan to use a system like this:

1) Keep it - Organize what I chose to hold on to & clean the area around it.
2) Trash it - Straight to the outside trash so I don't change my mind.
3) Donate it - Well, first I'll try to sell it at a yard sale in the spring/summer but then into my donate pile that will be taken to Goodwill.

The problem is that I hate cleaning.  I mean really hate it, I love when my house is clean but getting it there is just too much work unless we're having people over or there's some other kind of motivation.  I obviously don't have forty rooms in my house so my list is of smaller areas or projects in each room in the house.   Here is my list of tasks, they cover pretty much every area of my house.

1. Hallway - linen closet
2. Master Bathroom – vanity
3. Master Bathroom – shelves over toilet
4. Master Bedroom – closet
5. Master Bedroom – ikea cabinet
6. Master Bedroom – bedside table
7. Green Bedroom – shoes
8. Green Bedroom – purses
9. Hall Bathroom – linen closet
10. Hall Bathroom – vanity
11. Grey Bedroom – clothes
12. Grey Bedroom – closet
13. Living Room – credenza
14. Living Room – small closet
15. Dining Room – china cabinet
16. Kitchen – drawers
17. Kitchen – Pot & Pan cabinet
18. Kitchen – desk drawer
19. Living Room - Understair Closet
20. Master Bedroom - Jewelry boxes
21. Vacuum Upstairs
22. Vacuum Stairs
23. Vacuum Downstairs
So there's my list, let me know if you decide to give it a try.  I'll keep you updated in my daily recaps with what I cleaned & how it went, maybe before & after pictures?  I think I also made a few of my coworker's happy when I announced I'd figured our lent, lol.

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