I've got laundry coming out my ears!

Seriously ya'll it's out of control!  I don't mind doing laundry it's just the folding that I keep putting off.  We now have 3 loads sitting on our bed waiting to be folded & put away.  I used to just do it first thing in the morning, put a load in the washer when I get in the shower & fold the load in the dryer when I got out.  But for some reason I just can't get up the motivation to do it lately.  The worst is when the hamper gets full so I have to wash more but there's no where to put it...  This morning I decided it was time do something.  I started folding and then time got away from me and the next thing I knew it was 7:40 and I had to get moving.  Hopefully that explains a little about my boring OOTD I just threw on what was close by.  I'm wearing a brown cable knit sweater from Old Navy that I got at least a year ago with a beige cami from New York & Company.  The pants are mustard with a brown plaid pattern from Anne Talyor Loft and my shoes are Naturalizer from last winter, they have cute little tassels!
As I said I was running low on time so I couldn't put together a decent breakfast.  I had a glass of Trop 50 (= 50 calories) when I took my pills then whipped up a protein shake (= 347 calories) and out the door I went.
You may be wondering what Joe was doing this whole time.  Well, he wasn't home; Joe was assisting the police department with a sober testing event.  He left around 7 to go to Ocean County where at 9ish he began drinking beers so that they can practice sobriety testing on him & others.  Apparently the record is 17 beers, he was hoping to put down a case, but managed to drink 13.  I'm pretty sure it's his dream, volunteer work where he gets to drink...then he has just enough time to sober up before heading to the Flyers game with John using tickets from xmas.  My day consists of work & kickboxing class, not fair.

For the first time in a while I was actually hungry at noon.  My lunch wasn't anything exciting except that I brought a granola bar instead of a 100 snack... = 347 calories.
I was pretty bummed because my normal kickboxing buddies couldn't make it to class that night.  But I was proud of myself because it didn't occur to me to bail.  In the past I would have immediately celebrated that I didn't have to go since everyone else was out but not this Thursday, I just planned on going alone.  I even posted on Facebook that I was sad to be going alone but I was still going.  Apparently Angela read my status and Rob said why don't you go?  So she decided to come keep me company!  It's so strange how the class size fluctuates, last week there were probably 15 people in class then last night 6...  Here's the shot I grabbed during cool down.
By the time class was over I was starving!  Angela suggested going to Wendy's so she could get a frosty but I wasn't feeling it, I was feeling Chido Burrito!  She almost had me convinced not to go since I hadn't spent any money yet but then I remembered I had the DoubleTakeDeals coupon!  I went a little crazy with the eating, not only finishing off my burrito but also having some chips = 1107 calories.
I spent the rest of the evening relaxing on the couch watching The Bachelor & Grey's Anatomy.  It was really nice to just sit on the couch by myself for a while and watch what I wanted on tv.  Joe should go out drinking all day more often!  Just kidding dear :-)  Oh right...and I folded those 3 loads of laundry before I went to bed...

How did I do on my March goals?
1. Read 2 books:  almost finished "Sleeping Naked is Green"...although that won't count since I've been working on it for 3 months...
2. Burn at least 750 calories a day for at least 25 days: 2674 burned - 1911 eaten = 763 burned, 1 days total
3. 1200 fitness minutes: 60 minutes today, 100 total for month
4. Eat 1 fruit or veggie with each meal for at least 20 days: banana w/dinner, 2 days total
5. 15 spend free days - just a gift card for dinner!  1 days total...

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  1. But it was still spend free because you used that gift card! Woohoo!

    And I'm sore today from kickboxing!