Spring is in the Air

The forecast was 70 degrees on Friday!  Of course it was supposed to drop back down into the 50s again for Saturday and Sunday but that's still plenty warm enough for me.  I'm not a huge fan of the super humid summer heat so I'm not trying to rush things along at all.  In celebration of the warmer weather I went for an OOTH with short sleeves (but I brought a sweater just in case)!  This collared shirt and riveted sweater vest are one piece (we know how I love one piece) and from Kohl's, I don't do a lot of shopping there but I've been finding some fun pieces lately for cheap, I may have to look around there more often.  The black skinny dress pants and ballet flats are from The Gap.  I wore these pants earlier in the week and they felt tight so I was planning on putting them aside for a while.  But when I on the scale for my weigh in I was back down to 146 and now they fit fine, lol.  Isn't it funy what a difference 2 lbs makes?  If only I could get down under 145 they might be roomy!
While I was getting ready & before Joe was even out of bed he was on the computer looking up the cases he found for my Tab on Amazon to see which one I liked best.  The option he chose was black but I shot that down fast, if he's going to make me carry it around in a case it has to be pretty!  There were a lot of red options as well but finally we settled on this pink leather case because it's pretty and doesn't seem too bulky.  I used my account so we could take advantage of my Amazon Prime membership.  I should have it on Monday!
I was determined to get my oatmeal recipe right for breakfast.  I went with 1/3 cup of oats, 1/3 cup of milk, 1/3 cup of chopped apples and a tablespoon of dark brown sugar microwaved for 1 min 30 seconds.  It came out perfect!  Apparently I like my oatmeal thick!  I almost forgot to take a picture but here's about 2/3 of what I made.  I made Joe try and he admitted it wasn't gross, lol.  I'm excited to try it with some other fruit sometime soon!
At work everyone was excited about the nice weather and the weekend.  No one really wanted to do any work so we spent a lot of time gossiping and wandering around the office.  Plus we found out the construction is almost complete so we'll all be moving around soon, lots of speculation about who goes where.  I went to lunch late again, the oatmeal is really keeping me full into the afternoon.  I had my standard meal = 277 calories.
I was excited to run outside after work, it was almost 80 degrees at 5pm!  We were dressed in capri running pants & t-shirts, it was great!  Angela had a lot on her mind so we ran a little slower then usual so that she could get it all off her chest.  There were a lot of people out on the bike path taking advantage of the warm weather, it's hard to get used to having to share our route!  We even saw Lorie & Rob out for a walk and I can finally say she looks pregnant!
We were feeling a little dehydrated when we got back to the house, probably because we were sweating a lot more then usual!  Angela asked if we had anything sugary to drink and I remembered the case of G2 Joe picked up for me, we split a bottle of the orange flavor = 25 calories.
I had completely forgotten to take something out for dinner so I texted Joe to see if he was in the mood for anything special.  He suggested Wendy's, fine by me they have delicious salads.  I asked him to pick me up a BLT Cobb = 460 calories.
Nicole, Lou & Jack also came over for some Wendy's goodness.  They had already eaten dinner so they just had some Frosty's.  Jack was a big fan of the vanilla flavor.  Here he is waiting for his next bite...
Joe got me a small instead of my normal junior size, it's 310 calories which is a little steep but I had plenty of room left so no big deal & so yummy.
Nicole & I headed upstairs to tear apart my closet for the clothing swap I was hosting on Saturday night.  I went through my closet & ikea cabinet pulling out anything I wasn't 100% set on keeping.  I tried everything on and if I wasn't happy with it right then and there it went in a pile to give away.  I guess you could say I knocked 3 items off my clean up list too!  The master bedroom closet & cabinet are done plus my shoe closet in the green room!  I loaded everything up in a heaping box and put it aside for Saturday night then we spent the rest of the evening watching tv until bed.  It was a nice night & good start to the weekend.

How did I do on my March goals?
1. Read 2 books:  no reading done
2. Burn at least 750 calories a day for at least 25 days: 2381 burned - 1342 eaten = 1039 burned, 13 days total
3. 1200 fitness minutes: 40 minutes today, 822 total for month
4. Eat 1 fruit or veggie with each meal for at least 20 days:  apple w/breakfast, orange w/lunch & salad for dinner, 14 days total
5. 15 spend free days - didn't buy anything!  4 days total...

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  1. Glad you figured out how you like your oats! Haha, everyone is particular which is why I always encourage people to give em another chance;)