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Saturday was the day...the day I was going to quit my second job!  Joe and I had thoroughly discussed the pros & cons and decided it wasn't necessary that I keep killing myself working 7 days a week.  I'm hoping to start classes for my MBA in the fall, we'll probably get engaged sometime soon and life will just catch up to us.  I really just wanted to take this spring/summer to enjoy myself before things get busier.  I was planning to talk to Mike on Saturday about giving up my shifts no matter what but when I got the call to take the weekend off again I didn't have anymore doubts.  I always have trouble sleeping when something big is happening and Friday night/Saturday morning was no different.  I tossed and turned all night and woke up for good around 6am.  I entertained myself on the computer for a little while then brushed my teeth, got a pep talk from Joe and headed across the street at 7:15.  I let Mike know that things weren't working for me anymore and I'd prefer to stop working regular shifts.  I let him know I consider him a friend and I would be happy to pick up shifts if they're ever in a jam.  He totally understood and I think he knew it was coming, we talked for a little while about the future then he told me to hold on to my key and to have a good day.  I went home and let Joe know how it had gone; I felt like a huge weight had been lifted.  We hung out for a little while then went back over to have breakfast.  I had a short stack of whole wheat banana pancakes with turkey bacon = 509 calories.
Angela and I were planning on doing a 9 mile run but I had scheduled things a little too tightly and we could only fit in 5 miles.  We decided to run around Somers Point since that part of the bike path is less intimidating during the day.  The weather was beautiful, over 50 degrees and sunny, the only way it would have been better was if it wasn't so windy.  At one point we ran through a condo complex on the bay and the view was so pretty we had to stop and take a picture.
And since we were holding still we decided to take a picture of ourselves as well (note my hair blowing in the wind).
Here's the stats from our run, we thought that map might look a little crazier because of the neighborhoods but we must have gone straighter then we thought.
We literally ran straight to Starbucks.  I wasn't sure what I wanted so I asked for something cold and low calorie.  I ended up with a tall skinny vanilla latter, iced = 90 calories.

Like I said, my schedule was tight, that may sound strange since I had planned on working up until 2pm the previous day; but I had a feeling I might get another surprise weekend off so I made a lot of tentative plans.  The St Patrick's Day parade was happening in Atlantic City and Shana & Bill had invited me over to there house for the merriment.  The parade had been rained out in 2010 and I had to work on the new date so I had some fun props to donate to the cause...I'm always prepared!

By the time I got to Brigantine it was almost noon and I was starving.  They had some snacks out so I had a few pieces of soft pretzel from a tray from the Philly Pretzel Factory.  I was sure I was making a half way healthy choice until I looked the nutrition information up online, 145 calories per piece!  Crazy!  My little snack had cost me more calories then a normal meal!  I won't make that mistake again.
We got to the parade just in time, minutes after we walked onto the boardwalk the grand marshal starting come towards us.
They had decided to bring the new puppy with us.  He was extremely well behaved and got a lot of attention from passers by.  We learned an important bit of information though, Shaggy is not a fan of bagpipes.  Anytime any starting playing nearby he freaked out and tried to hide behind everyone.  Here's a shot of our whole crew.  It also needs to serve as my OOTD picture because I forgot to take one on the way out.  I wore a long sleeve white t-shirt from The Gap with a while Hanes tank underneath and a light green fringed scarf I got as a gift from Edra.  I paired it with jeans from Express, my puffy brown best from The Gap and brown New Balance sneakers.  I got those awesome gloves from one of the floats, they have a Bud Light logo on them.
When we got back to the house after the parade Bill had corned beef & cabbage with potato all ready for us in a crock pot.  I wasn't sure about the cabbage but decided to give it a try since everything Bill makes is usually delicious.  Turns out I'm a fan.  I made sure to eat a small portion though because of all those damn pretzels = 349 calories.
We all hung out for a while watching comedy shows on tv and joking around.  I decided to head out around 5, I was planning to drop off a few jewelry orders and wanted to clean the house up a little before Joe got home from work.  I stopped at my mom's first but she hasn't been feeling well so I didn't stick around too long.  Next was Mark & Kate's, we visited for about an hour.  We really don't see them often enough so there's always a lot to catch up on.  

I spent close to 40 minutes straightening up when I got home.  I had been feeling like I needed to take better care of the house now that I'm not working.  Like my day isn't worth anything unless I've done some constructive at home.  Mission accomplished.  Nicole & Jack came over to visit for a little while, we talked about our days and watched Jack play with the cats.  Joe stopped home but only for a minute.  He had made plans to do some night fishing with his friend Sean.  He packed up his gear and was back out the door in no time.  I was hungry but it was too late for anything substantial so I hoped a bag of popcorn would do the job = 100 calories.
After my snack I went upstairs and did some laundry while watching Off The Map on the DVR.  I hopped in bed and uploaded pictures from the parade, it was so nice to not have to worry about getting to sleep early so that I wouldn't be tired the next day!  Joe came home soon thereafter and we fell asleep pretty quick.  It was definitely a great first day off, lol.

How did I do on my March goals?
1. Read 2 books:  no reading done...
2. Burn at least 750 calories a day for at least 25 days: 2707 burned - 1588 eaten = 1119 burned, 9 days total
3. 1200 fitness minutes: 60 minutes today, 580 total for month
4. Eat 1 fruit or veggie with each meal for at least 20 days: banana w/breakfast, cabbage w/lunch & nothing for dinner, 9 days total
5. 15 spend free days - didn't buy anything!, 3 days total...

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  1. Bill's Corned Beef, cabbage and potatoes is my recipe! Think of all the years you missed out!