She's going the distance. She's going for speed.

Well, not really for speed...mostly just to finish the distance, lol. 

Sunday was the big day!  My first 10 mile training run!  I decided to make some cinnamon buns for breakfast because I knew I'd be burning big calories running that far.  Joe still wasn't feeling so hot, his neck & chest hurt making it hard to breathe deeply.  I'm thinking maybe something like when I "broke my sternum" a while back...  So while he was slowly getting up and dressed for work I decided to start cooking.  I guess I kind of hoped it would be like those Folgers commercials where the aroma makes the morning so much nicer.  Anyway, I think they came out really well.  I had two buns and a glass of Trop 50 = 670 calories.
Angela came over around 11 and we were determined to get the 10 miles done.  We had slacked off our last 2 runs and it wasn't happening again!  We weren't worried about how long it took we just wanted to finish it.  At about the 5 mile mark we took a GU break (100 calories) and I took out my phone to check our stats and the stupid application (SportyPal) had stopped running after 1/4 of a mile!  Thankfully Angela's garmin watch was running so we had that go by.  I have one on my wish list if any one's looking to get me a nice 30th birthday present :-)
I'm not going to lie, we didn't run the whole thing.  My knees were bothering me and we were just plain tired.  I'd say we ran at least 8 of the 10 miles if not more and we definitely walked quickly on our breaks, no lolly gagging here.  Our finish time was 2 hours 11 minutes, not bad, my goal is to finish the race in under 2 hours so that's totally doable.  Especially when you take into account the adrenaline of the actual race, the other runners and people cheering; we'll definitely knock it out quicker.  We stopped at Starbucks for a treat on our way back to the house.  I was exhausted...and maybe a little dramatic.
Angela on the other hand looks like she could do 10 more...
I had a tall skinny vanilla latte iced = 90 calories.  Probably should have gotten something warm though.  The clouds had rolled in and our walk home was a cold one.
I made sure to down a bottle of G2 when I got home = 50 calories.  I know there's lots of people that say it doesn't really help but I swear I feel better when I drink one after a long work out.
I took a shower and spent a few hours hanging out in bed watching tv and relaxing.  Soon I felt restless again though.  I needed to get up and moving but there really wasn't anything to do.  I boxed up the leftover clothes from the night before and wandered next door to visit with Nicole but I just felt like I needed to do something.  I'm really going to have to get this under control.  My weekends are going to be crazy if I can't find a way to hold still. 

We were supposed to go to Joe's parents house for dinner but he still wasn't feeling well so we had to cancel.  I hadn't taken anything out for dinner since I hadn't planned on being home.  Chinese it was!  I had all my favorites, chicken with broccoli, cheese wontons & an egg roll = 604 calories.
After dinner, around 8ish, Joe asked if we could watch a movie in bed because his neck hurt and laying down would be easier.  I had started watching The Blind Side (for the 2nd time that day) so we went upstairs to finish watching it then pick something else to watch.  Well, Joe fell asleep before the movie ended, lol.  I watched a few shows on the DVR and uploaded pictures for my weekend posts before falling asleep super early.

How did I do on my March goals?
1. Read 2 books:  no reading done
2. Burn at least 750 calories a day for at least 25 days: 2676 burned - 1514 eaten = 1162 burned, 14 days total
3. 1200 fitness minutes: 131 minutes today, 993 total for month
4. Eat 1 fruit or veggie with each meal for at least 20 days:  nothing w/breakfast & broccoli w/dinner, 14 days total
5. 15 spend free days - didn't purchase anything :-)  5 days total...


  1. LoL I laughed out loud at your comment on my picture! And those cinnamon buns look delicious!!!! Our run did have quit a bit of walking. My legs feel much better today though. I say tomorrow, we don't walk at all for our run! Only for water sips and no more than 10 steps!

  2. deal...I did 4 on the treadmill last week without a problem so I have no excuses

  3. your cinnamon buns are making me hungry and i just got back from lunch!!! i don't know if i've ever run 10 miles straight, you're doing awesome and i'm totally jealous because all of your pics are super cute clothes and delicious meals. St. Patty's is over but i'm totally green :)

    miss you!!