To grow or not to grow...

I'm not loving my hair in these OOTD pictures.  It looks too round or something, not at all like what I see when I look in the mirror.  I'm toying with the idea of growing it out.  The problem is that I have a LOT of hair so when it gets long it's heavy and takes a long time to style so I end up always putting it in a ponytail and that's no fun.  Plus I hate that transition phase where it's hard to manage and what ends up happening is that I get fed up waiting so I cut off again.  This time I've enlisted my stylist, we're going to work on growing it out with a style so that I stay happy with it.  I'm not saying I'm going to grow it down to my butt or anything, maybe just a little past my shoulders, we'll see.

Thursday OOTD: my sweater is from Ann Taylor Loft, it has a twisted neckline that's hard to see in the picture.  Tank is from The Gap, no built in shelf bra with this one, my pants are from The Limited (some of those new size 10s) and the shoes are from last year's Naturalizer catalog.  Are you beginning to see a pattern?
I started my day with another bowl of Kashi Go Lean Crunch and a banana = 346 calories.  I know it's been pretty much the same all week but the bananas are starting to brown so I need to eat them quickly.
Bet you can't guess what I had for lunch?  I'll give you a hint it's 380 calories.
The gym was doing a promotion where friends & family could come for free on Thursday.  My friend Kat had mentioned that she'd love to take kickboxing with us sometime so I made sure to tell her about the promotion.  She was able to leave work on time and meet for the class!  I think I may have tried a little harder then usual since she there too because I was sweaty, tired & sore the rest of the night.  We also made tentative plans for her to come along on the 4 mile run I have planned for Friday.
Joe ended up getting out of work earlier then he was scheduled so he decided to make a fancy dinner!  I told him to save some of these new recipes for next month, lol!  Apparently there's a loop that plays on the tvs at BJs that shows a recipe for making these goat cheese & mushroom stuffed steaks so he decided to try it with some sauteed spinach.  It was SO delicious = 662 calories.
We spent the rest of the evening watching a few shows on the DVR while Joe polished off the last two Valentine's Day beers.  He asked how much they cost because they pack quite a punch, I'm guessing we may be seeing them in the fridge more often.  I'm also going to have to make an attempt to clean out the DVRs this weekend, I think they're both at close to 70%...it seems like more of my shows are on there too, I'm not sure if it's because I tape more or because I'm never home to watch anything without Joe...

How did I do on my February goals?
1. Read 2 books:  Killed about a 1/2 hour reading before kickboxing; I'm going to have to kick it up a notch to finish this book & another before the end of the month.
2. Burn at least 750 calories a day for at least 20 days: 2710 burned - 1388 eaten = 1322 burned, 13 days total
3. 1000 fitness minutes, not allowed to count walking at the restaurant: 60 minutes today, 715 total for month
4. Eat 1 fruit or veggie with each meal for at least 20 days: banana w/breakfast, fruit w/lunch, spinach w/dinner, 8 days total
5. 10 spend free days - didn't buy anything (see my plan is working), 7 days total

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