January Goal Review

If you've been keeping up you'll know that I've made a lot of goals for 2011.  There are personal monthly goals, personal yearly goals and goals that Joe & I have as a couple.  It's a lot of keep track of even with my spreadsheet.  So here's how I/we are doing:
Personal - January 2011 - starting 1/3/11 - 1/31/11
1. drink 64 oz of water every day:  I didn't accomplish this goal, I missed 1 day!
2. track all my food & make sure I burn at least 500 calories a day for at least 25 days:  I accomplished this goal by the skin of my teeth.  I got exactly 25 days and not one extra.
3. 1000 fitness minutes & I'm not allowed to count walking at the restaurant:  I managed to pull it out with a 1017 total.
4. run 20 miles: I kicked this goal's ass!  32.6 miles this month!
5. 15 spend-free days: hahahahahahaha - I only managed 8 spend free days.  I think I've proven I have a shopping problem in the last month and I really need to reign it in.

2011 - in progress list
1. Complete the Broad St run = 10 miles: I'm signed up but it's not until 5/1.
2. Complete some part of the 38th Annual American Cancer Society Bike-a-thon: The sign up for this one is open now but it's like $130.  I'm rethinking spending that much money on an event.  Maybe I can find something else to sub in?
3. Lose final 20 lbs = weigh in at 130: I'm still hanging strong at 150...
4. Pay off 1 major credit card: Haven't even looked at this one.
5. Make grad school plans: After a really good talk with my boss I'm even more motivated to get my MBA now.  I'm planning to sign up for the test in February.
6. Spend more quality time alone with Joe: This is going very well.  We've really been getting along fantastically lately.
7. Wear a bikini in public: We'll look at this one once it's actually warm enough to go to the beach.
8. Use my sewing machine: Nothing this month, still in its box actually.
9. ...to be continued...: Haven't thought of anything new yet.  Any ideas?

Couple's Goals 
1. We will set a timer and both spend 15 minutes doing nothing but cleaning at least 3x a week: Yeah this one isn't going so well.  Our house isn't a mess or anything but I haven't kept track of when we cleaned AT ALL.
2. De-clutter our lives, spend at least 2 hours each week deep cleaning/organizing:  This one falls into the same category as the one above, although it may even be worse, other then the pantry we haven't "deep cleaned" anything.
3. Visit 3 new places:  I suppose we could count Texas Roadhouse but that seems lame, I'm going to hold out for some better places.
4. Do at least one outdoor activity together a month:  We haven't done anything this month.  Not only is it super cold but we're just not off that much at the same time.
5. One date night a month:  We didn't actually go out on a date this month, but we did get delicious sushi take out & drink some wine while watching American Idol last night...does that count.  Again, we're just not off that much at the same time.
6. Go camping at least once this year:  Didn't go this month, it's really cold out.
7. One new recipe a month:  Joe made delicious Chicken Cordon Bleu on 1/27.
8. Go on a big vacation together:  We're planning a trip in August with my mom, Shana & Bill.  Does that count?  I guess it's up to me to decide...
9. Spend more time with family, I'm shooting for once a month:  We went to dinner on 1/20 with my dad & the car show on 1/30 - check.  We went to dinner with my mom on 1/23 - check.  We didn't do anything with Joe's parents though.  I think they're going to be the tough one because of time.  They eat dinner around 5 or even earlier and we're both still at work.
10. Finish 1 major project:  We've done some talking about it but nothing substantial.

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