What I'm Eating Wednesday...

I know...I'm a bad blogger...  Things have been so crazy lately that I just haven't had time to write.  And when I have had time I've been too embarrassed by my poor eating habits to talk about it.  Let's just say those goals from a weekish ago didn't turn out so well.  I have been making it to the gym at least 3 times a week but my weekend eating is atrocious.  I've been doing too much eating out in general.  Joe promises that after Sunday we're back on the healthy eating wagon.  That will give me just over 5 weeks to lose 12 pounds...

Here's what I've been eating...
Last Wednesday Joe & I went to my gym together.  About half way through our work out we started talking about how hungry we were and by the time we finished Joe had convinced me to go to Red Robin for dinner.  I tried to go easy and ordered a turkey burger with a side salad.

One of my vendors provided lunch & an "enrichment session" for my office on Thursday.  He took advantage of Chik-fil-a's catering menu and brought in lots of chicken-y goodness.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that most of the items weren't out of control calorie wise.

Joe was working late on Thursday night so I threw together a quick dinner.  Cheese tortellini and broccoli in vodka sauce with a sprinkling mozzarella cheese.

I wasn't feeling any of the food in our kitchen on Friday morning so I decided to take advantage of a Wawa gift card I'd been holding onto and picked up a bagel with cream cheese, cucumber and tomato.  I really think that the more I eat the more inclined I am to continue doing so.  It's a habit I've got to break...after the holidays... 

Friday night was my department holiday party, I'll put together a more comprehensive post on it soon.  The food was mediocre, caesar salad and buffet of chicken marsala, baked salmon, steak fries and steamed squash...blah.

On Saturday morning Joe & I took Jack to Fitzpatrick's for breakfast.  I had an egg white, tomato, onion and cheese omelet with rye toast and home fries.

 Saturday night was supposed to be Hanukkah dinner at my dad's house but some of the gifts weren't delivered on time so it morphed into a dinner party.  Shana & Bill brought the appetizers; cheese, crackers and kielbasa with horseradish.  For dinner, another Thanksgiving feast with the addition of potato latkes.

I had a late lunch with my mom, Shana & Bill after attending my mom's masters graduation ceremony at the college.  Joe and I had plans to meet Carol & Chris for sushi at 6pm so I went easy at The Library and just ordered a salad and scallops wrapped in bacon.

Having that late lunch really helped me keep for overeating at dinner (but it didn't stop me from drinking too much wine, whoops).  As usual, Chris, Joe & I split a bunch of different sushi and Carol ordered her special soup.  I love Tokyo Mandarin, it really is the best sushi I've ever had.

We had our office holiday luncheon on Monday.  Everyone brought in a dish and after we enjoyed all the delicious treats we exchanged secret santa gifts and had a white elephant ornament exchange (more in depth post about that coming soon as well).


  1. Did you see Oxygen magazine this month has a lose 10lbs in 28 day plan. I trust it because its all about healthy, clean eating (magazine is put out by Tosca Rena, the Eat-Clean Diet author). I have a copy and it looks pretty good. I am going to try to follow a meal plan similar to it and do my own workouts. Maybe it is just what you need right now?

  2. Nope but if you bat your eyes really nice and send me an email, I might scan it for you... Alright fine. Working on that now. :)