And so it begins...

I really need to buckle down and write up my posts about the holidays but it just seems so overwhelming.  I already have the pictures loaded and everything, I just need to type it out.  Hopefully by the end of the week.

So, day 1 of 130 by 1/30 did not go so well.  I am proud to say that I got up and went to the gym though!  In fact, I took an hour and a half long aerobics class, the joys of not having to work on a weekday!  I was doing really well all day, oatmeal for breakfast, a turkey sandwich for lunch but then it all went downhill from there.  I would grab a couple of cookies on the way through the kitchen or a mint truffle Hershey kiss on my way out the door.  By the way, have you had them?  They are so delicious!  Plus Joe & I went to The Library for Monday Nitro with Tim...I tried to behave and only ordered a salad and baked potato.  But then I had a chicken finger, a mozzarella stick & a scallop wrapped in bacon from the boys appetizers, when I added it all up I was shocked by the totals.  Total burn for the day = 458 calories.  Not terrible but also not going to get me in a bathing suit in 5 weeks.

Tuesday was much better.  I know that being on a schedule works for me but it's so much for fun to have days off.  Joe made me eggs for breakfast and I had my standard yogurt/fruit lunch at work, I was excited for spin class that night!  Joe got me spin shoes that lock into the bike and my sister got me a heart rate monitor that syncs with the bike for xmas so I was like a pro-spinner!  It really did make a difference, I burned more calories then the week before and it was easier to "run" locked in.  After class I went home and made myself a turkey sandwich for dinner, I was so hungry and Joe was working late so there wasn't any reason to cook anything major.  I spent some time on Facebook and snacked on caramel corn and candy while waiting for Joe to get home from work.  I really need to cut that out but I swear it's like my body is addicted, I think the only way to break the habit is to go cold turkey but that's close to impossible because we're hanging on to some treats for NYE, bah!  A little while later I got a text from Joe that he was going to a friend's house to watch the Flyers game after work.  I was exhausted from spin and could barely keep my eyes open so I took advantage of his late night and went to bed at 9pm.  Total burn for the day = 1025.  Much better!

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  1. You are so hard on yourself. You did great both days!