Style Saturday

 ~ Monday ~ 

sweater, cardigan & necklace - The Limited
charcoal pants - The Gap
 gray heels - Piperlime

~ Tuesday ~
cardigan - Express
striped tank & tan pants - The Limited
brown heels - Piperlime
 ~ Wednesday ~
red sweater dress - The Limited
plaid heels - Naturalizer
~ Thursday ~
cream sweater & black pants - The Limited
maroon heels - Naturalizer
~ Friday ~
white sweater & red pants - New York & Company
glittery flats - Marshall's


  1. Had to tell you I finally went to The Limited on Monday and had a lot of success there. Sad to say there are not any stores close to where I live in Long Island though. So it looks like it's all about going to the mall in Jersey if I want to shop there.

    Thanks for introducing me to the store! Hope you had a happy holiday!

  2. I'm glad you liked it there! I don't have a store close to me in South Jersey either, I have to drive about 45 minutes to the Deptford Mall so I do a lot of shopping online.

    My holiday was nice. I really need to catch up on posting all of it...