The good, the bad and the ugly...

Here's the deal...I weighed myself this morning and I'm at 143 lbs.  That means I have 5 weeks to lose 13 lbs and hit my goal of 130 by 1/30 for our vacation.  I am a little bit confused by this gradual weight gain though.  I have slowly been going up since August.  
I don't think I'm really not behaving that badly though...take this week for example.
Monday - I ate 1821 calories, I went to the gym and took a cardio class plus I got all my steps so my burn was 2348.  2348-1821 = 527 total burn.
Tuesday - I ate 1104 calories, I went to the gym and took spin plus I got all my steps again so my burn was 2468.  2468-1104 = 1364 total burn.
Wednesday - I ate 1919 calories but I didn't work out or get my steps so my burn was 1924.  1924-119 = 5 total burn.
Thursday - I ate 1356 calories, I went to the gym and took a step class but didn't get my steps so my burn was 2241.  2241-1356 = 885 total burn.

Those numbers aren't THAT bad.  

I think the problem is that I've started fooling myself into thinking a 500ish burn is ok when obviously it's not working, what I'm doing can barely be called maintaining.  One day with a huge burn and the next with almost nothing.  When I was steadily losing I was around a 1000 calorie burn every day so I guess that's where I need to get back to.  Plus I'd like to start lifting a little more, I used to lift at least 2 days a week and at this new gym there just aren't classes like group power, everything is step aerobics.  I need a new plan but I'm not kidding myself here, I know it's a holiday weekend and trying to start some huge change isn't going to stick, so...Monday 12/26...

1000 calorie burn or 1200 calories eaten whichever is higher.
I really think this is all I need.  Because the only way to get a 1000 calorie burn and eat more then 1200 calories is the work out.  So my butt will be at the gym as often as possible, plus I have my training plan for the 11K starting up in mid January so I should be running more.  Oh god I hope this works...

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  1. Do you take your measurements?