Top Picks Tuesday

I'm not feeling very motivated this week so I'm skipping Monday's motivation post until I have something helpful to say...  

Last Tuesday's picks were all items that I already have that I think you should have too.  This week's items are things I'd love to have and since it's the holiday season (wink wink).  I am painfully aware that a couple of them are very expensive and the possibility of my receiving them under the tree/menorah this holiday season is slim...but a girl can dream right?

The Sodastream Pure Starter Kit, $129.95.  I don't really drink anything but water anymore, even when I drink alcohol I usually mix it with seltzer or lightly flavored Poland Spring sparkling water.  We've already stopped buying regular bottled water in favor of reusable bottles and now we can cut out the sparkling with this!  I don't even really need or care about the syrups but they'll be fun to play around with at the beginning I guess.  
The Nikon D3100 DSLR camera, $599, this is one of those big ticket items I'd be shocked to receive.  I don't actually care if it's this model camera; this particular one was part of Oprah's favorite things 2 years ago so it's gotta be good, right?  With all this blogging I've been doing I've learned the value of a good picture and my little point and shoots just doesn't cut it.  I realize a fancy camera like this might be overkill but why not go all the way and develop a new skill?  Maybe Joe and I can be one of those husband/wife wedding photographer teams?

The Apple MacBook Air, $939, another big ticket item that would be an absolute dream to own.  We have 4 computers in our house, 2 laptops and 2 desktops, all running Windows.  I've always been a PC and proud of it but lately I've been having problems with glitches and slow run time.  My sister is a Mac and my mom also recently converted, they rave about how easy they are to use, how few problems there are, the awesome features, blah blah blah, yay Mac.  Plus the blogging again, I feel like I'd be able to do so much more if I was using a better quality machine...ahhh...some day.

The OCD cutting board, $25.  I'm sure this is probably meant to be more of a gag gift for a math nerd but I have such a terrible time with measurements which is a total recipe for disaster when counting calories.  I'm sure if I actually get this I'll be eating less so that's a plus.

Just Dance 3 for Wii, $35.  I love Just Dance 2 and this one will have new songs and dances plus it's a great workout.  Sometimes I can even convince Joe to dance around with me.  No brainer.

Last but not least, iPhone accessories.  Now you may be thinking, "Lauren, you don't have an iPhone, you have a Droid Bionic, why would you need iPhone accessories?" and you would be correct in thinking that.  But I'm hoping to get an iPhone soon because I hate my Bionic.  I've been having problems with it from day 1.  The screen randomly blacks out and won't turn back on so I have to pull the battery almost every day.  It drops my 3G signal at least 3 times a week, sometimes I can get it back by putting it in airplane mode for a few minutes but usually I have to pull the battery.  And my biggest issue, the camera sucks!  Not good for someone who relies on their phone for blog pictures...  Anyway, Joe has given this all a lot of thought and decided the answer is an iPhone.  But the problem is that employees aren't allowed to buy the 4s yet and because I'm on Joe's plan I also have to wait :-(  So, while I wait for Verizon Wireless to lift their employee ban on iPhone 4s purchases I've picked out some items for my soon to be new phone.

UP by Jawbone, $100.  Basically, it's just like a Fitbit but it syncs with your iPhone.  After all of my issues with my numerous Fitbit devices I decided it might be fun to try something different.  I'm not sure I'll love having to wear it on my wrist where it's a little more noticeable but worst case, I switch back to wearing a Fitbit...

The most adorable iPhone case ever, $36.  I originally saw these on The Fix-Its blog and was bummed that the vendor doesn't make them for Droid devices.  However, now that I'm getting an iPhone I can have one!  I'm thinking the trellis pattern in violet with my monogram in hibiscus.

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  1. 1) OMG I need that cutting board!
    2) I love how that Up thing works with your phone (seeing as how my fitbit data won't upload until Friday when I am in my house again, oh and my computer is off so I have to turn it on for it sync, blah, blah, blah...)

    PS. I just started using Windows Live Writer to compose my blogs and its awesome. I think it works with blogger too. Maybe a good idea for you to try? Better "bells and wistles" without getting the macbook.