Happy Hanukkah

Even though Hanukkah is supposed to last 8 nights we usually condense it into 1. It's really hard to find one night that 6 people can get together around the holidays much less 8.  This year we set aside Saturday 12/17 to celebrate.  My dad even invited Joe's parents and Bill's parents to join in.  
My dad's girlfriend Judy brought her adorable dogs along and I threatened to steal little Max.  He's so friendly and hypoallergenic so I can put him that close to my face without swelling up like a balloon.  Shana made sure we took some family photos.  For some reason she decided we should pose in front of the fireplace, like it's our normal hangout.
Unfortunately some of the gifts my father ordered weren't delivered in time for Saturday so our Hanukkah celebration turned into more of a dinner party and we made plans to come back the following Wednesday to exchange gifts.
We ordered takeout Chinese for dinner and enjoyed lo mien, sesame chicken and spare ribs like good Jews.  After dinner the boys went into the garage to work on Bill's new car and my sister and I watched a few episodes of Big Bang Theory.  I am now obsessed with that show and spend all my spare time watching reruns on the DVR, I blame Shana.  After a while the boys finished up and came back inside for presents!
I got my dad the Nintendo Wii he had asked for and he was super excited to give it a try.  After 5 minutes of Mario Kart he was a pro and I was extremely jealous since I'm about the worst video game player on the planet.  My dad got Shana a bunch of new running gear that I suggested and she seemed pretty excited.  We gave Shana & Bill a framed monogram.  We've given these to a lot of our friends this year and sometimes in takes a little explanation.  For example, the one we gave Bill & Shana has a 5x7 of a W for William then an 8x10 of a K for their last name then a 5x7 of an S for Shana.
My dad got me the new Kindle Keyboard I asked for.  It's so much lighter then my old 2nd generation model.  My purse is still heavy but not nearly as bad as before!
My dad gave the boys each a fancy new saw.  A miter saw for Joe and a wet saw for Bill.  The boxes were so big  he didn't bother wrapping them and just threw blankets over instead.  It was funny to watch the boys pull the blanket away like a magician revealing a trick.
We had a nice night and stayed out a little later then I would have liked but it was fun to spend time hanging out with everyone.

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