What I'm Eating Wednesday

Wednesday - Last Wednesday was our fried turkey night.  Joe was off from work that day and offered to make me breakfast, a blueberry bagel thin with low fat cream cheese, turkey bacon and two eggs over easy.
Our scrumptious dinner was made up of: fried turkey, stuffing & biscuits via Joe/myself, cranberry & mashed potatoes via Nicole/Lou, mashed sweet potatoes via Shana/Bill, brussel sprouts via Kat/Mark and green bean casserole via John/Kristen.
Thursday - Joe and I just couldn't wrap our heads around cooking dinner after all the cooking excitement then night before so we opted for chinese takeout.  We tried a new place across the street (by Rita's) and really enjoyed it.  They even have brown rice!
Friday - I was out of all my favorite fruits and veggies so I opted to order a white pizza with some of the ladies in the office.  It was really good and there were leftovers to bring home for Joe.  Also, the restaurant we ordered from, Cheech Brothers, offers online ordering & payment through paypal!  I'm pretty sure I shouldn't be this excited at the prospect of avoiding human interaction all together while ordering my lunch...
As I mentioned the other day, I had a disappointing day at work and Joe tried to cheer me up by suggesting we go out to dinner.  He knows me too well!  We went over to Gourmet in Galloway.  We hadn't been there in a LONG time and had a gift card (thanks Sarah!).  We sat at the bar since an acquaintance of Joe's was working and ordered the appetizer special to start.  They were these little stacks of fried eggplant with tomato, mozzarella and balsamic, so good! 
I ordered my entree from their special "Heart Healthy" section.  The chicken & asparagus meal only had 455 total calories and came with a side salad that we shared.  It was also scrumptious, I wish this place wasn't so far away, we'd go there all the time.
Saturday - Joe got up early to go fishing with a friend.  I laid around upstairs for a while before prying my butt out of bed to clean up and do laundry.  By the time he got home around noon I was starving!  We decided to go to Fitzpatrick's for lunch before he went to work.  I ordered a grilled ham & cheese on texas toast that came with onion rings.  I was definitely on a run of good choices and delicious meals that week.  Also, this was basically all I ate that day.  A couple of handfuls of caramel corn and some ice cream and I was content, not healthy but content.
Sunday - Joe made me breakfast again but I didn't take a picture...  My next meal was the buffet at the geocacher's party that afternoon.  As I mentioned before, it wasn't anything special but wasn't bad either.
Monday - we were still out of fruits & veggies at home so I ordered this veggie pannini from my favorite no contact restaurant.  I only ate half because it was so enormous.
Joe got home from work before I got back from the gym so he made dinner.  Lobster ravioli, spinach and a leftover roll from our fried turkey.
Tuesday - yummy yummy yummy Panera.  I had a spinach and artichoke souffle, 1/2 a asiago bagel with veggie cream cheese and fruit salad.
I was absolutely starving when I left the gym and Joe was working until 10 so I decided cooking dinner wasn't necessary.  I did a quick run to Wendy's for a chicken BLT Cobb salad and got home just in time to see Santa drive by the house.

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