Three Things Thursday

1. Last weekend, like the one after Thanksgiving, I decorated the house for xmas/winter.  I try to decorate mostly with snowmen so that I can leave everything out until April but a few Santas and other holiday folk always work their way in.  That penguin in the middle is the newest edition, do you recognize him from my walk to Pier 1?!?  Nicole picked him up for me as a thank you for watching Jack.  Best neighbor ever!
2. I am not a city girl so these new fangled parking garages may be old news to you but we were all very impressed.  You pull the car into a bay and onto a conveyor belt, like at the car wash, then you get out, lock the car, swipe your credit card and step into a safety lane.  Then the bay doors open and your car is pulled into the garage and stored somewhere.  When you come back later on you swipe the same credit card as on the way in and your car gets pulled out and brought back down.  It's like a giant car vending machine!  Plus it takes away all of the worry about where did you leave the car?  Is the valet going through my stuff?
3. Without totally giving away our holiday card for this year I just wanted to share the newest clothing item for my cats...


  1. I am sitting here in awe of the parking garage. Where was that??

    And kitty looked thrilled. LoL

  2. It's in Philly on Chestnut & Juniper.