Style Saturday

This one is pretty late but I figured I'd still share...

~ Monday ~
purple argyle sweater - Old Navy
fuchsia cami - New York & Company
charcoal pants - Gap
black booties - Naturalizer
  ~ Tuesday ~ 
brown sweater - Forever 21
tan pants - The Limited
brown shoes - Naturalizer

Sorry about the terrible quality photo.  Joe didn't come downstairs to take it for me and I kind of liked the weird circles that showed up.

 ~Wednesday ~ 

white sweater - Kohl's
black leggings - Marshall's
black boots - Boscov's
 ~Thursday ~
No picture from Thursday.  Joe took one for me before he went to work and I was pretty cute in a grey pencil skirt and black sweater.  When I went to get my keys and leave for work I couldn't find them, I searched all the normal places I put them down but nothing.  I started crawling around on the floor looking under furniture but it was hard to do in a skirt so I ran upstairs and changed into pants and flats and returned to the hunt.  I checked everywhere, in bags I hadn't used in rooms I hadn't been in the previous day, outside.  Finally as I was taking the couch cushions apart for the 2nd time I turned and saw them on the ottoman.  I looked there!  As I reach for them I notice they're warm...because they were under my damn cat!  Needless to say I was about a half hour late to work and didn't get a chance to photograph my second outfit.

~ Friday ~
sweater - Kohl's
brown leggings - Old Navy
brown boots - Nordstrom

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