2011 Goal Review

I have been reviewing my 2011 goals and I think I did pretty well!
My personal goals - 
1. Complete the Broad St run - complete 1:48:44
2. Complete some part of the 38th Annual American Cancer Society Bike-a-thon - I nixed this one and did a ride for my college's alumni fund instead, 32 miles complete
3. Lose final 20 lbs - no go, I got close at 134 in July but have steadily been going up and now today I am 142.  I'm hoping to get there by the end of January though.
4. Pay off 1 major credit card - I paid off my Visa on 2/26/11 and then I bought stuff on it again...
5. Make grad school plans - I took the GMAT but then changed my plans, now I'm looking into getting a masters degree in Marketing.
6. Spend more quality time alone with Joe - I think we did a decent job of making time for each other this year.
7. Wear a bikini in public - complete 7/4/11
8. Use my sewing machine - I didn't technically use it but we did get it out of the box so my mom could make my sister's Halloween costume...

Our goals as a couple - So here's the thing, I stopped keeping track of these after March...we're going to try again this year though.

1. We will set a timer and both spend 15 minutes doing nothing but cleaning at least 3x a week. 
2. De-clutter our lives, spend at least 2 hours each week deep cleaning/organizing.
3. Visit 3 new places.
4. Do at least one outdoor activity together a month.
5. One date night a month.
6. Go camping at least once this year.
7. One new recipe a month.
8. Go on a big vacation together.
9. Spend more time with family.
10. Finish 1 major project.

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