the calm before the storm

As you may have heard, the south eastern part of New Jersey was hit with a major thunderstorm on Friday night/Saturday morning.  We lost power at approximately 1am Saturday morning and as of now 12pm Monday we are still in the dark.  There are trees and power lines down everything!  Obviously it was a crazy weekend, hence the lack of posting.  I took a lot of pictures and will be posting about each day individually instead of in one big post as I have been doing the last few weeks.

I woke up on Friday morning excited for the weekend.  Joe had somehow managed to have both Saturday and Sunday off from work so we were happy to get to spend some time together without any set plans.  After my miserable weigh in I was ready to eat ice cream for breakfast but decided to behave myself and had a bowl of chocolate cheerios with sliced banana and coconut/almond milk for breakfast instead.
I really hate that my weight influences my mood so heavily but it does.  I was in a bit of a foul mood all morning at work.  Apparently Anne noticed and when she went out to lunch she came back with a surprise for me!  An iced sugar-free caramel coffee from Dunkin Donuts!
Joe and I had planned to exercise after work, either take a bike ride or a quick run.  But it was far too hot outside when we got home, over 90 degrees!  We decided to wait it out a bit in hopes the temperature would drop as the evening went on.  Unfortunately it didn't get any cooler so after a few hours we decided to take a walk to Kmart so at least I'd get my steps in.  I thought these cat tails in by McNaughton's were really pretty but based on the number of times I've been asked what they are I guess my photography isn't great.
We wandered the isles of Kmart for a little while looking for ping pong balls and glitter spray paint but couldn't find either.  Eventually we made our way around to the outdoor furniture area.  Joe loves taking stock of what they have early in the season and making a list of what we should buy when everything goes on sale after Labor Day.  I'm totally on board for this hammock & stand!
I had snacked on some greek yogurt and pretzels earlier in the evening and wasn't hungry for a full dinner.  But Joe had been napping during my snack session and was hungry.  We stopped at Wendy's on our walk back home and I got a Caramel Apple Frosty, so good!
I also made an important wedding related purchase, our card "box!"  The second I read this post on Weddingbee I knew what I wanted to use for cards at our wedding.  Shockingly I found a shop on Etsy that had one listed and after a couple of quick emails discussing color and accessories I placed my order!  I can't wait to see how he turns out!
My calories were a little out of control for the day.  It always happens when I'm unhappy with the scale.  I go into this downward spiral where I just eat whatever looks good and snack like it's my job.  I need to get a grip but I guess admitting you have a problem is the first step, right?
I had no problem getting my steps in after the walk to Kmart, 11,405 steps!

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  1. One of the reasons I stopped weighing myself is because I was starting to feel like all my hard work was pointless. I try to go by feel now more. I know when I'm not doing well and when I'm not. Its still nice to see the scale move now and then though!