escaping to Philly

I am a heavy sleeper.  My mom has always said you could drive a freight train through my bedroom and I wouldn't flinch.  Imagine my surprise when I was awakened from a dead sleep at 1:30am Saturday morning because the wind was whistling through our attic, rain was pelting the house and lightning was illuminating every corner of our bedroom.  Joe is a light sleeper and had apparently been awake for almost an hour at this point.  He got dressed and went downstairs to check things out but returned shortly because there wasn't anything he could do.  While he was downstairs I realized the power was out, I grabbed my cell phone and saw a small band of red moving across our area, just looked like a normal thunderstorm, nothing out of the ordinary.
I grabbed my kindle and read until my eye lids got heavy then slept soundly until 7am when Joe's alarm went off.  He got dressed and headed downstairs and after a few minutes I pried myself out of bed too.  I noticed that power was still out, we never go more then an hour or so without power so I was a little surprised.  I opened the blinds then ran downstairs to see if Joe had been outside yet.  We both went out back to find most of our outdoor furniture was upside down and scattered around the yard, the grill was knocked over and one of the kayaks was off the rack and on the ground.
Joe cursed a little under his breath then went to fix the grill and I headed next door to pick up Jack from Nicole.  We had planned on going to breakfast in Ocean City then relaxing on the beach with Stephanie and her kids.  Since the power was out there was no reason to stay around the house, we checked that the restaurant was open then packed up and headed out.  When we left the house a short while later we realized the extent of what had happened to the area.  There were trees down, some taking power lines with them, all of the traffic lights were out and there were police officers directing traffic at every intersection.  We had planned to stop at Wawa on our way to pick up bottled water & snacks instead of opening the fridge and releasing what little cool air was inside.  But it quickly became obvious that wasn't going to happen.
When we got onto the island it was like a different world, people were out bike riding, it was as if nothing had happened.  We stopped at a Wawa just off the bridge and picked up our supplies then had breakfast on the beach.  We met up with Stephanie and while Joe played with the kids she told me she'd heard from a friend who's father works for the government that power could be out until July 6th!  I am ever the optimist and told her that wasn't possible, the power would totally be on by the time we got home!
Unfortunately that wasn't the case, our power was definitely not on when we got home.  We checked the fridge and freezer and while things were still cold we knew if the power didn't come back soon we'd need to move it all to a cooler.  We had already planned on going up to Philly for the afternoon/evening to shop for wedding bands, project supplies and to visit with Vic and the boys.  We showered by candle light and took off for the city.  

Our first stop was Steven Singer Jewelers, the same store Joe had purchased my engagement ring.  It took about an hour and a half but we left with both bands ordered and another item crossed off the to do list!  Joe is getting a simple tungsten band with polished edges and a brushed center.  I am getting a band with 3 rows of integrated pave set diamonds.  I went back and forth between the pave and a prong set but eventually settled on the pave because it looked better on it's own and I definitely want the option to not wear both rings all the time.
We were starving by the time we finished at the jewelry store so we decided to stop at Tony Luke's on our way to IKEA.  We enjoyed cheese fries with bacon and I ate 1/2 a roast pork sandwich with sharp provolone.  I rationalized that I hadn't eatenlunch so a heavy dinner wasn't the end of the world...
We picked up 25 clocks, 30 picture frames and a few other assorted goodies at IKEA.  We plan on using the clocks as table numbers and the frames for menus and other random signage.  Once we start crafting I'll be able to give you a better idea of what we're planning!
We stopped and visited with Vic, Luke & Matteo for an hour or so then made a stop at BJs on our way out of town.  We decided it would be smarter to pick up a giant cooler, ice and gas where people weren't beating down the doors for supplies.  By the time we got home it was close to 10pm.  We unloaded most of the fridge into the big cooler and topped everything with ice before passing out on the couches downstairs in hopes of staying cool. 
My calories were high, I find this always happens when I don't have a dedicated work out under my belt.  I'm thinking of working out Monday-Friday and leaving the weekends as rest days so I don't feel so guilty but there always seems to be so much going on during the week that I can't get to gym every day...
I got my steps without even trying!  I thought I was under but when I put my fitbit on the charger this morning I learned I just barely got there with 10,020 steps!
And here's the final chart for June.  It's pretty obvious where I succeeded and where I fell behind.  I really need to work on keeping my calories in check!

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