starting over...kinda

There are approximately 22 weeks until our wedding.  I have approximately 21 pounds I'd like to lose before then.  This is totally doable but means I need to get my ass in gear.  I think I've decided on a plan of attack.  

First, I'm going to do C25K again.  I started this whole crazy weight loss journey with that program, it worked really well so I'm going to do it again.  I started W1D1 yesterday and found the difference between last time and this time pretty amusing. Back in September 2010, Angela drug me off my couch kicking and screaming, I jogged super slowly huffing and puffing through every second of those 1 minute long running sections.  Yesterday, I couldn't believe how quickly they were over and even turned the treadmill up to a 6.5 because I didn't feel like I was trying hard enough!  I will admit that my legs are pretty tight today but it's not going to stop me from doing W1D2 tonight!

Second, Mandy and I are probably going to start team training at the gym.  Well, if the price is right we are but I have high hopes because the manager of the gym said he'd put together special pricing for us!  When I mentioned it to Joe last night he said he had already been thinking about my doing something extra to get ready for the wedding and he is on board with spending a little extra money if it helps me be happier with my body.

So, YAY!  All I need is to lose 1 pound per week and if we're being honest I'd be happy to lose 15 pounds.  If I keep my eating under control, remember to ignore late night hunger pangs and keep up with my workouts it should be no problem!

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  1. Sounds like a great plan!!! Running is the only way I maintain or lose weight too. Besides, its nice to see how far you've come! And great idea doing group training at the gym. That should be motivating and fun! And since you are paying for it, you can't skip ;)