spending freeze

Lots of big stuff happening around here.  Ok, maybe not big but it seems big to me.  

First, I've decided to put myself on a spending freeze.  Before you get all, "no Lauren you can't do that it's too hard," let me explain.  I'm going to continue to buy things like gas and food but no more shopping.  I've cut it down quite a bit since we got engaged but I really need to stop altogether.  Here are a few reason why.  
1) I'm poor.  Ok, I'm not poor, in fact I always yell at Joe for saying that.  I have a job, I even have a second job.  But seriously, I pretty much live paycheck to paycheck and that needs to stop.  It's no way for an adult to conduct herself.  

2) I don't need anything.  I've got so much clothing it's insane!  Plus I need to lose these 18lbs I've put back on this year and buying new clothes won't help.  It's time to get back to it and make what I have fit better.

3) Credit cards are the devil.  When I was younger I signed up for every card in the book and I've worked hard to pay off a bunch of the stupid little accounts, Mandee, Pac Sun, etc.  I've still got more then I should with higher balances then I'd like and they won't get paid off if I keep using them.

So, it's time to book more Thirty-One shows, sell my old clothes on Ebay and pay stuff off!  The last thing I want is Joe taking on my debt when we get married.  I totally know that I'm not going to pay it all off before the wedding, I'd have to use my entire salary for the year...but what better time to start then the present?

Second, it's time to lose this weight.  I was cleaning out old pictures in my blog storage and came across these:
I was sooooooooooooooooooo skinny last summer!  I've been lying to myself for a while now and letting myself get away with eating crap and skipping workouts.  That stops now!  Here's how I'm going to do it:

1) Outfit pictures are coming back.  If I have to look at a full body shot of myself every day, it'll motivate to change the way I look.

2) Achieve the damn goals I keep setting.


  1. You and me both. Seriously. I have to stop shopping and I've been kind of forced to in some ways. I usually buy a lot of books and clothes... and this week I cleaned out the shelves and it's gross how much I have bought and not read. And clothes... ugh. I have such a nice amount of clothes and I never feel like I have enough. But this has to happen. I, too, have had credit cards from a very young age and it's just effed me over so bad. I'm so dependent on them and everytime I pay them off, they climb right back up and I have no idea what I bought. UGH.

    btw, I've been meaning to say I did wear the necklace I won on my cruise and to work since I got it and I got a TON of compliments. I'm going to have to upload a picture so you can see.

    Wishing you a ton of luck on all your goals. You are a focused gal and I know you can do it.

    P.S. I do miss the outfit posts so I'm glad they are coming back. Part of me wonders if I should start doing the same thing so I get my butt into gear at the gym.

  2. I think the same thing when I look at last summer's photos too! You can definitely see the pounds I've gained. Poo.
    I've also been trying to cut back on spending too. We were doing really great but have been slipping more recently.
    You can do all these goals!!