Happy Birthday Nicole!

Thursday was my buddy Nicole's 32nd birthday!  Too bad I had to work and couldn't play on the beach with her, but Joe was off so he happily took my place.  Before they took off for the beach there was some wedding crafting going on at home!  Joe's been working on finishing the table number clocks so we can cross something else off the list!
I read a post of Weddingbee about a website that you can use to check the statistics on weather for a certain date.  I'm not super concerned about the weather on our wedding day because as long as we can get to the Sheraton we're set.  There's no change of location, no outdoor ceremony, there aren't even windows in the ballroom!  But my curiosity was peaked so I gave it a once over.  In the last 15 years the majority of the New Year's Eves have been sunny with a high in the 40s and there's only a 27% chance of snow.  Interesting...
That evening we had an appointment with another florist, Betina's Garden.  This is the same florist that my sister used for her wedding and she had a great experience.  Betina worked within her budget and did really beautiful bouquets and arrangements.  She is supposed to send me a quote soon but I've already got a good feeling about her.  When met with her and she very receptive to all of my ideas and even suggested ways to give us the look/feeling we're going for without spending a lot of money!  After speaking with Betina I agree with my mom's feeling that the first florist (Ken) probably didn't want to work New Years and gave us that crazy quote to be sure we wouldn't book him.  
And look!  Nicole's famous! We were looking around the meeting room at Betina's sample arrangements and posters of work and there she was looking back at me!
Joe wanted to take a trip over to Michael's for more glitter spray paint when we were finished with the florist.  I was starving so I grabbed a bag of jelly beans to snack on while we drove around.
Once we finished our errands it was time to head home.  I was super excited to give Nicole her gift!  I got us/her Pandora Friends Forever charms!  I thought it was just hokey enough to be awesome and she seemed loved them too!
We were supposed to go over to The Clam Bar to celebrate Nicole's birthday but Lou ended up getting out of work late and things just kind of fell apart.  Instead, my mom, Joe & I walked across the street to Presto for dinner.  We've been toying with working with them for our rehearsal dinner so we wanted to try more of their food and show our faces so they recognize us when it's time to book a place.  Unfortunately we had a kind of terrible experience.  The food was delicious as always, I had the Gnocchi David with prosciutto and asparagus which was awesome.  But we waited more then 45 minutes for it and after they brought the food out they told Joe I had gotten the last of the gnocchi.  This normally wouldn't be a huge deal but the waiter convinced Joe to order his entree (Veal Presto) because it came with gnocchi!
We're a pretty understanding bunch, we've all worked in the restaurant industry and know it's not the servers fault, plus he explained that they had to throw away all of their stock with the power outage.  They were also short staffed and unusually busy for a Thursday night.  I'm sure we'll give them another chance before ruling the place out entirely but they're definitely no longer our first choice for the rehearsal dinner!

I kept my eating under control for the day but without a workout I just couldn't manage a 1000 calorie burn.
I also didn't come anywhere close to my step goal with 5,295 steps for the day.  I'm really not doing so hot this first week of July!  I've used almost all of my cheat days and we've only just started!  I'm going to have to kick it up a notch if I want to accomplish anything.

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