two hour boot camp

Wanna know one of the top 5 best parts of getting our electricity back?  Coffee!  I'm not a big coffee drinker, I usually have a cup if I'm extra tired or if I have some extra time in the morning, I hadn't realized how much I'd missed making myself a cup until I didn't have the option!
It was an odd day at work.  It was quiet because I lot of people across the organization had taken time off for the holiday.  Also, because Anne hates me she brought in Munchkins.  And because I have zero willpower lately I ate 4.
While I was toiling away at work, Joe was tackling wedding crafts at home.  I really love that he's so into all of this stuff!  I'm definitely the idea person and between my mom, Nicole & Joe they execute all of my crazy ideas!  First, he primed then silver glitter spray painted our IKEA frames that were using to display menus on each table and for other assorted signage throughout the venue, IE "Please sign our guestbook."
 While they were drying he moved on to black glitter spray paint another set of frames we're using to display guest's wedding photos.  Then he gold and clear glitter spray painted the ping pong balls.
You may be wondering why we're painting ping pong balls.  After we received that first floral quote of $8000+ we decided to make some changes to our decor plans.  Instead of putting tall floral centerpieces on all of the tables we're going to use tall floral centerpieces on half and vases with ping pong balls on the others, we're hoping they'll resemble champagne flutes.  They're not going to look exactly like the picture below but that's the basic idea.  We want to stay away from using Christmas balls because we want the wedding to stand apart for the Christmas holiday.  While Joe & I were perusing the internet for any kind of gold, silver, clear & white balls in bulk inspiration struck, I suggested we try painting ping pong balls!  We can buy them in bulk (144 for $20), they don't weigh anything and there's no little nub like on Christmas balls! 
Our softball was called because the other team forfeited so after work I was off to the gym to meet Mandy for boot camp.  What I forgot was that Bryan & Wendy were teaming up to teach an extra special 2 hour boot camp extravaganza.  I convinced myself to stay because it would make up for skipping my workout on Monday.  Unfortunately, Mandy got stuck at work and didn't show up until the beginning of hour 2 when I was already drenched and ready to keel over. 

When the torture was over it was time to head home for the holiday!  Mandy tossed her gym bag in the trunk and grabbed her purse out, but soon realized she didn't have her keys, they were in her gym bag!  Apparently this isn't supposed to happen with an Infiniti, the latches aren't supposed to catch on the doors/trunk if the key fob is inside the car.  We called Infiniti customer service and they sent a tow truck out free of charge!

I was starving when I got home from work and it was almost 8pm.  Our friends Mark & Kate were coming over to hang out since their power is still out so we just ordered pizza and wings for dinner.  Plus I totally felt like I deserved it after that 2 hour boot camp class!
I had a really great burn for the day, even after pizza, wings and a couple of drinks!
I just missed my steps at 9,887.  I had planned on getting them but once our friends showed up I totally forgot to pace.  At one point I checked my fitbit only to realize it was just past midnight and I wouldn't be able to squeeze any more in.

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  1. Way to go on boot camp!!!!

    And I love how crafty your wedding is going to be! I am around on the weekends if you need help with anything! I enjoy my crafts:)