Well, I'm drowning in greens again.  I picked up our latest farm basket Wednesday afternoon and it had Romaine, Red Leaf Lettuce, Green Leaf Lettuce, Kale, Leeks, Basil, Dill, Blueberries, Cucumbers, Mint, Tomatoes & Corn.  Don't get me wrong, I love having all the lovely veggies in the house but there's only so much you can do with all these greens.  I passed 1/2 of it off to Nicole but my fridge is still exploding with leafy greens!  Which of course meant breakfast on Thursday was a Kale smoothie.  I prefer spinach because it doesn't taste as strong but gotta use what you've got, right?
My pal Anne surprised me with a gift when I got to work!  It's a Disney Princess ring holder shaped like a shoe!  I love it!  Her fiance's aunt got her one for their engagement and she decided I needed one too!  I've been trying to figure out where in the house I want to keep it.  I already have to little elephants in the kitchen and bathroom that keep my ring safe while I do dishes and shower.
I'm telling you, Anne takes good care of me.  Not only did I get a present but she made me lunch!  She is a Pampered Chef consultant and wanted to try a recipe she'd seen at a recent meeting for Watermelon & Prosciutto Salad.  You woulnd't think the ingredients would pair well together but I really enjoyed it!
I got a text from Mandy that she wouldn't be able to meet me at gym again until Wednesday :-(  But I'm proud to say that I still went to the gym for Pump-N-Step, by myself!  It helped that I had plans to meet Joe at the AC Moore across from my gym when he got out of work at 6:30.  I would have been a real loser if I drove all the way home then back out to meet him and skipped the gym!  I hope you like the picture of my locker.  It's actually pretty cool, your membership card slides into the lock and releases the key so you can use any locker without a charge for rental.  I was running out of ideas, the pictures of weights & steps are pretty boring.
After Pump-N-Step I went to meet Joe.  We wandered around AC Moore for a solid 20 minutes looking for stencils, spray paint, wooden letters and other assorted goodies but couldn't find anything.  It pained me to suggest we try Michael's instead.  I've always been an AC Moore girl, they were the only craft store in the area when I was growing up and I refused to dessert them for Michael's when it opened.  But after that disastrous trip yesterday, I may be a Michael's bride.  We found everything we needed there and are prepped to start some wedding projects this weekend!  We're hoping to cross wedding bands and table numbers off the To Do List by Sunday night!
I did a lot of snacking during the day and ended up not getting hungry for a full dinner which was good since we didn't get home until almost 9pm.
All that wandering around craft stores paid off, 10,737 steps!
I was really proud of myself last night and had high hopes for my weigh in Friday morning.  I've been keeping my calories in check (except Wednesday), I've been working out regularly, I felt like I was finally getting a handle on this whole thing again.

Not so much.  I gained 2 pounds.

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  1. Oh crap I never sent you pictures! Do you still need them? I kept forgetting on the weekends (where my pictures are on my other computer) but I think I sent you a link to online ones. Urgh, let me know.