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I have at least 4 posts in draft that I just haven't gotten time to write and it's not going to get better anytime soon.  I'm not going to have much time the next few days because tomorrow I leave for conference!  Can you believe it's here already?  I feel like it was just yesterday I was debating if I should go!  I promise to keep taking pictures but I'm really sorry that you probably won't hear from me again before Sunday.

I've been taking random pictures of my food and other happenings but there's not enough of anything for a whole post on any one subject.  I'm going to start with what I've been eating, it hasn't all been super healthy, which I'm embarrassed about, but I know that if I hide it from you all I won't ever change.  I really need to get back on track. Today I tried on a ring that I had resized after my weight loss and it's too small.  That's really unacceptable!  I'm bringing gym clothes to conference even though I'm not sure if I'll have enough free time to use them.  I feel like that's a step in the right direction...  Anyway, back to food.  

I made a really tasty dinner on Sunday, Chicken Rollatini with Proscuitto and Cheese with a side of Cheesy Zucchini Rice.  It was REALLY delicious.  Joe raved about it and continued to eat the leftovers for days.

A few days later we went to The Clam Bar with my dad and Judy for dinner.  I normally prefer to go there on Thursdays for the Seafood Stuffed Potato Skins but we couldn't make that work.  I ordered Seafood Au Gratin, yummy, and we shared some corn fritters and smoked salmon dip as appetizers.
We also met my dad out for sushi later in the week.  He trusted us to order for him and I think he enjoyed the maki we chose.  Our friends Chris & Carol ended up coming in while we were there and sent us over some octopus sashimi.  I decided to give it a try after Kat raved about it on our last visit.  Unfortunately I'm not a fan.  It was a little too rubbery for my taste but it looks pretty.
We were invited to my sister's house for the opening ceremony of the Olympics on Friday.  Shana really went all out to decorate their living room for the event with construction paper bunting.  Bill even made an "olympic ring" stromboli.
On the wedding front...  Joe finished painting the wooden L's & J's for our cocktail hour tables.  I think they're going to look so great with the giant martini glasses filled with madri gras beads and mini disco balls!
Nicole has also started design work on Alayna's flower girl outfit.  Jack was kind enough to model for us!
We've been crossing stuff off the list left and right.  We even booked our honeymoon!  We'll be going spending the week immediately following our wedding at the Cocobay Resort in Antigua!  The more I research the place the more excited I am to go!  It's an all inclusive, secluded and apparently a very romantic and relaxing resort.  The reviews are fantastic and the views are breathtaking.  I'm beyond excited to spend my first week as a Mrs lounging there!
 I've also started reaching out to designers for help with our invitations and other paper items.  We are prepared to make these items ourselves if necessary but I think it might be nice to have someone else do the heavy lifting this time.  We've found an invitation suite that we really like the elements of.  But we'd like it to have the same feel as our save the dates.  Basically a less formal/more funky font, different colors and not letterpress.
So, if you know anyone that would be interested in doing some design work and doesn't charge an arm and a leg, we're in the market.  We'll probably end up needing help with water bottle labels, do not disturb signs, a monogram, menus and escort horns as well.

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  1. I am pretty good with paper works. I'm not volunteering for the invites but I could probably handle helping/designing/making cute menus or something.

    BTW, hotel is reserved!