Food & Exercise Update

I think I may have mentioned how crazy my life has been lately.  Before this morning, I hadn't updated my goal spreadsheet since Friday July 6th!  I was a little scared that my chart would be a total disaster but I was pleasantly surprised that things aren't that bad.
Don't get me wrong, they're not exactly great either.  I'm rarely drinking my water, my burn is practically nonexistent on the weekends and you are all painfully aware of my lack of blogging.  But, I'm getting my steps pretty much every weekday and I've tracked my food every day this month! (If you're on myfitnesspal make sure to friend me)
Things are slowly getting back to normal.  I have plans to work out 4+ days this week, I'm hoping to eat dinner at home 5 nights and now that I'm in one office full time I'm drinking my water again.  I have high hopes, mind you I still have 21 pounds to lose for the wedding...  Mandy is pretty gung ho about working out lately so hopefully with my new earlier schedule I'll be getting more workouts in even if it's just running intervals on the treadmill.

I hope to check-in again soon but don't expect anything before Sunday.  My plan is to write up blog posts on weeknights when Joe's closing the store and on the weekends.  I'll do the best I can to share small updates whenever possible, but I'm not making any promises!

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  1. I look forward to your blogs! Even if its just a few times a week!!

    I hope you are settling into the new job ok :)