4th of july

Who's idea was it to plop a holiday right in the middle of the week?  I mean don't get me wrong, I love a day off of work no matter where it falls but still, I'd appreciate if we could work it into a Monday or Friday from now on.  

Unfortunately, Joe isn't nearly as lucky and the 4th isn't considered a holiday in retail, so he was working 11-7.  We slept in that morning until Joe woke me up because "someone is at the door."  Now, I'm not sure why my 6'3" 200+ lb fiance decided I should be the one to check it out but he did...  I ran down stairs and found my mother on the front porch, she pushed past me and said "it's hot in my house" then plopped down on the couch.  I went back upstairs and let Joe know about the "intruder" then brushed my teeth and started on my day.  We all had a nice breakfast from the bagel place then Joe was off to work and I was off to the beach.

I met my sister, her husband and a bunch of other friends in Brigantine at the cove around 11am.  It's become sort of a tradition, a few people grab a spot first thing in the morning and the group just gets bigger as the day goes on.  Their friend Ryne provided a tent for food storage and whatnot but grabbed one that was missing a few parts so the men-folk McGuyver-ed it up with some pvc pipe and styrafoam.
It was a great beach day, not too many clouds and enough of a breeze that we never got too hot.
A little after noon the grill was fired up and I had a hot dog, pasta salad, potato salad & Texas caviar for lunch.  It was all delicious and not heavy at all.  I'd really like the recipe for the potato salad, it didn't have mayo!
Soon I was introduced to the game, Washers.  There are 2 wooden boxes with pvc pipe glued in the middle and you throw washers across a specified distance trying to score points by landing closest to the box, in the box or in the pipe.  It's super simple and I'd love to make a set for parties!
Shana and I played the first game of the day, she and her partner beat me and mine.  Oh well, I'll just have to start practicing for next time!  I tried to get some reading done but there were so many people around to talk to that I didn't do too much standing still.  Too bad I didn't have my fitbit on (I learned my lesson last year)!
A few of the guys started talking about taking a float and Bill told me I was going, so I went.  It's pretty simple, everyone swims out until they can't touch the bottom anymore then lets the current drag them down to the end of the cove, gets out & walks back.  Everyone had a good time and deemed it "The Great 2012 Fourth of July Float."  Mandy and her sister had walked down to meet us but had to get back so they couldn't float but she kindly took a picture of the bunch of us.
 Mandy also left me a little gift on my car.  Apparently when she was doing her morning run she spotted my car parked by the entrance to the beach and decided to leave me a present, a (thankfully empty) pooper scooper bag!
Around 6pm it was time for me to head home.  I wanted to meet Joe when he got out of work so we could see the fireworks together.  We met up with my mom and the neighbors and went over to a local golf course to watch all 3 local shows from across the bay.  Don't be jealous of my awesome pictures...
Even though my food choices were pretty good all day I drank a bunch of sugary alcoholic drinks which shot my calories through the roof!
I also only logged 5,389 steps for the day.  Although I was definitely wandering around a lot during those 5 hours I wasn't wearing my fitbit so who knows what I really did.

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