i would like my electricity back please

I didn't sleep that well on Saturday night, it was hot on the couch and I woke up with a migraine.  I'm pretty sure that was my downfall, no air conditioning and a migraine, I took an Imitrex and drank some water in hopes of clearing it up fast.  A little while later Nicole came by on her way to ShopRite for ice, we had a few more coolers to use so we decided to join them.  We picked up another 3 bags of ice and practically ran home in hopes of keeping them from defrosting before we got to the house.
Joe made eggs, bacon and burgers on the grill for breakfast when we got back and we cracked open a bottle of champagne for mimosas.
Around noon it really started to get hot so we took off for the beach.  We spent a couple of hours lounging in the sand and cooling off in the ocean, Joe even got me an Snickers ice cream bar when the ice cream man came around!
Once we'd had our fill of fun in the sun we headed back to the mainland.  My mom is out of town until Tuesday and asked that we stop by and empty out her fridge so it doesn't stink when she gets back.  We took the scenic route around town and stopped to take pictures of the destruction.  This first shot is of the street that I run up all the time, the power lines are literally holding the tree up, it's only a matter of time before they snap.
We were in Utah when hurricane Irene came through so we don't have it to reference but everyone is saying that the damage from this thunderstorm (which they're now calling a derecho) is 100 times worse then the hurricane.  We got so lucky that nothing happened to our home or vehicles.
After cleaning out my mom's fridge we came home, took another shower by candle light (I shaved my legs in the kitchen sink) and got started on dinner.  We know our food isn't going to last forever so we decided to invite Tim and the neighbors over to help us eat some.  I sliced up some swiss cheese with crackers and strawberries with cool whip as appetizers then we grilled a few frozen pizzas and corn for dinner.  I started to get antsy just sitting around on the deck and Nicole suggested we head back to ShopRite for more ice.
We spent the rest of the evening on the back deck, the temperature was starting to drop and it was actually comfortable in the shade.  Everyone headed home before dark, we've heard rumors that there's a county wide curfew in place and wanted to be sure no one got in trouble heading home.  A little while later this big cloud came past, you could see the lightning inside!  I tried to get a picture but it's really hard to catch the flashes of light with a cell phone.  We checked the radar and decided it was a storm going through the West Creek area.  I've never seen anything like it before!
Eventually I headed inside to try and get comfortable for the night.  The temperature was actually slightly lower outside so we opened up the windows and hoped a breeze would cool things down.  This is about when I hit the wall, I had had enough of no electricity.  It was fun for a little while but with the thoughts of cold showers, no hair dryer/flat iron and another night of sweaty sleeping on the couch I was done.  I got whiny and it didn't help that one by one people were popping up on Facebook announcing their power had been restored.  We live in a high traffic area of town, between two major traffic lights and numerous stores, I just assumed we'd be up and running quickly because of all this, not the case...the stores are up but not the lights and not us.  Joe tried to make me feel better, he fired up the iPad and we watched True Blood on HBO-GO and that served as a nice distraction.
When I woke up at 2am drenched in sweat I wasn't thrilled but I'm trying to be optimistic, the power could come on anytime!  The electric company says by 7/4 at midnight but I thinking they're just setting a date way far out so they can look like heroes when they finish ahead of schedule.  My sister has offered to let us stay with them and if the food goes bad before the power comes back we'll probably take them up on it.  But for now we're just keeping our fingers crossed things are going to be back to normal soon.
My calories were not good.  All that fridge cleaning wreaked havoc on my numbers.
I did get my steps though, 10,509 steps.
I made new goals for July and a new chart.  I'm shooting for tracked food every day, 64oz of water every day, 1000 calorie burn ~ 26 days, workouts ~ 26 days, 10,000 steps ~ 26 days, 40 meals at home and blog posts ~ 26 days.

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