how've ya been?

Is anyone still out there?  I really feel bad for my lack of posting lately but it feels like my  whole world has been turned on it's head.  I'm still getting up at 5am every morning to be at work by 7am which means I'm going to bed between 9 and 10 each night, that doesn't leave much time for anything other then the basics (laundry, cooking, etc).  I've been trying to get to the gym and my eating has been all over the place but I'll talk about that tomorrow (fingers crossed).  For now I just want to fill you in on my weekend.

I was exhausted by Friday afternoon.  I had cleaned out my office and it really took a lot out of me both physically and emotionally.  Who would have thought a change of department would send me on such a roller coaster?  I texted Mandy when I left work to let her know I wouldn't be coming to boot camp then headed home and directly into a bottle of pinot grigo.
When I was about 2 glasses deep I started feeling better and decided to open up a package that had been delivered.  It was my "comfy" wedding shoes!  I plan to wear royal blue Kate Spade Davies for pictures, the ceremony and as much of the reception as possible.  But I know my feet and there's no way I'll last 8+ hours in a 4" heel with no platform.  I know I'll still need a heel though because my dress will be hemmed for the Kate Spade's and I don't want to destroy the detail at the bottom by tripping over it in flats.  I enlisted my bridesmaids and we looked around online without coming up with anything I really loved.  Finally a week or so ago I came across a pair of pewter sequined wedges by Toms!  I sent them out to my ladies for approval but when I went to purchase them they were sold out, I was devastated!  I searched and searched and finally found a pair in my size on ebay, I snatched them up immediately and it's a good thing because I love them!
On Saturday morning I picked up Jack, then my mom and we headed over to Shea's for breakfast.  I had the most delicious bruschetta omelet, I will definitely be ordering it from now on!  The three of us also shared a cinnamon swirl pancake that while equally as tasty is far too much for one person to eat on their own.
After breakfast we ran a couple of errands, the most exciting of which for Jack was a stop at Petsmart.  You would have thought we'd taken the kid to the zoo.  Nicole commented on my Foursquare check-in that we weren't allowed to bring anything home so we pried Jack off the guinea pig cage and headed out.
Later that afternoon we went to Alayna's 1st birthday party.  There was lots of delicious food and I promise I didn't eat everything loaded on my plate!  I was really interested if the cold mashed potatoes.  It was basically potato salad that had been mashed, super yummy!
Soon it was time for the main event, cake!  I was towards the back on the crowd so I don't really know how it played out but from the pictures I stole from Nicole it looks like Alayna really enjoyed herself.
Joe managed another Sunday off from work and we're definitely trying to make the most of these days off together because they don't happen often.  We started with a bike ride to Fitzpatrick's for breakfast.   
I ordered eggs benedict which is normally a big no no, super high in calories.  But I realized that if I ask for the hollandaise sauce on the side it becomes a half way healthy meal.  I just dip my fork in the sauce before putting the perfect bite together, instead of eating close to a cup of sauce I end up only consuming a couple of tablespoons!
After breakfast we cleaned up around the house then took another bike ride to Joe's parent's house for a quick visit.  It was super hot so we stopped at Linwood Market on the way home for a drink and were surprise to find an in-store pet...can you spot him?
The rest of the evening went by pretty quickly.  Jessica came by to cut Joe's hair and trim my bangs, we went to Charlie's for dinner and stopped at Custard Hut for dessert.  It was a pretty messy day in the food department but we both vowed to get back on track for the new week.  I know that's totally against all of healthy living rules but we were having a fun day, so leave me alone!  LOL

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  1. I love love LOVE my Toms Wedges. I can wear them FOREVER and never get uncomfortable. Just break them in first. They gave me some blisters the first couple times I tried wearing them all day. Love the sparkly ones!!!