Atlantic City 1/2 Marathon

Yep, I've lost my mind.  I've always said that I saw no reason to run further then 10 miles but the need to lose weight for a wedding does strange things to a girl.

It all started yesterday when my sister messaged me and asked if I wanted to do the AC 1/2 Marathon with her.  I told her I wasn't sure I was up for it but I'd check with Joe.  I wanted to check with Joe because I figured that if he was interested I'd have someone to train with.  I'd love to train with my sister but our schedules never work out and I know I can't do this on my own.

When I was at the gym yesterday afternoon I mentioned it to Mandy while we were walk/running on the treadmill and she was all about it.  Then when I asked Joe last night he said he would do it too!  I'm figuring between Shana, Mandy & Joe, I should be able to find someone to run with!

My first task was to find a training plan.  The race is October 21st so we only have about 12 weeks to train.  After reviewing a couple of different options I settled on the plan below from www.MarathonRookie.com.  I tweaked it a little because the days don't match up with the race, I just shifted everything down a day so that I'm doing long runs on Sunday.
As long as do the runs I should be fine and I'm thinking I'll stick with it because I've never done this distance before.  I slacked off on my 10 mile plan because I'd done it before and wasn't worried about not finishing.  This time I want to not only finish but keep my with my long legged quick running pals.  Training starts 8/14, wish me luck!

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  1. Yaaaay! You can do this! Now I am *really* bummed I am missing AC this year (St Louis is the same day). I'll be thinking of you and cheering you on from afar!! And you said you would never ;)