another wedding!

I was so not ready to go back to work on Monday.  It doesn't seem to matter whether I have an busy weekend or a relaxed one, I'm never ready for Monday.  But since I can't stop time I had to go to work...  I didn't have to worry about packing lunch though because I had one leftover from Friday (remember Anne & I emotionally ate our way through Gary's) in the fridge at the office.  One of our interns made blueberry muffins so I added one of them to my standard yogurt & fruit.
Mandy had already said she wasn't going to the gym because she had a facial scheduled so I had planned to exercise with Joe.  He was off work and we were either going to run 3 miles or if it was raining, head to my gym.  As I was leaving the office I got a text from Mandy that her beautician went home sick and she was back in for the gym!  I called Joe to see what he was planning and he said he was feeling lazy and meet her instead.  I was also excited to see Mandy and check our her new bling, she & Mike got engaged over the weekend!  Yay, another person to talk wedding with!
We decided to take Cardio Blast/Abs at 5:30 and walked the track chatting about the proposal and whatnot until class started.  After class we hung around the locker room and talked wedding some more, I'm so excited to have another person to yammer on about wedding stuff to!  I feel bad regaling all my married & single friends with it, I mean really, how many times does one person want to talk about my to do list?  We even made plans to stop over at the The Walk Down the Aisle Bridal Expo on Wednesday night after happy hour!  As we were chatting I got a text from Joe asking if I minded if we switched the meal plan and had burgers on the grill that night instead of raiding the fridge.  I was starving so I really didn't care what we ate as long as it was ready when I walked in the door!  We starting buying Bubba Turkey Burgers and I may never go back.  They're tasty and only 160 calories!
We spent the rest of the evening on the couch watching TV, we had recorded the new HBO show The Newsroom and it was really good!  I'm not surprised, it seems like everything the premium channels put out is worth watching...  I was super sore from Bob's Harper's torture the night before and hoped all the stepping would stretch me out some.  Not the case, I just seemed to get more sore as the night went on, by the time we went up to bed the stairs seemed insurmountable!  I really miss group power, I feel like I was so much stronger this time last year.  Unfortunately there aren't any classes like it at the LifeCenter and I definitely cannot afford two memberships! 
Folding and putting away some laundry before bed pushed me over my goal at 10,023 steps!

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