so far so good

As my title states, Monday went well.  I forgot to take a picture of my breakfast, but I had a kale smoothie (366 calories).  Luckily I had remembered my blog again by lunch and remembered to take a picture.  I had a bunch of fruit and a Chobani strawberry banana yogurt (353 calories).
After work I headed straight to the gym for a quick 1 mile run and Cardio Blast/Abs.  As I was leaving work I got an email from Angela letting me know she was planning on running a mile as well then doing an ab DVD.  She wanted to be sure she was accountable to someone even though we can't work out together!  It definitely made it easier for me to bust out that mile knowing she was doing the same thing.  PS - you should all friend me on MyFitnessPal!  I think it will help my motivation to know more people are seeing my stats.

I stopped at the tanning salon on my way home from the gym.  I know it's bad but I do the high pressure and it's just a couple times this week in hopes of getting rid of my lines for Kat's wedding.  Anyway, imagine my surprise when I was waiting for the bed and Joe comes walking out!  He had decided to squeeze in a tan before the wedding as well!  As we passed in the doorway I told him I expected dinner on the table by the time I got home!  The best part is, when I got home a half hour later dinner was in the oven and almost ready!  We stuck with the menu plan and had Baked Chicken with Dijon and Lime & Roasted Asparagus.  It was tasty and only 287 calories!
I still had a few hundred calories left until I hit 1200 so I snacked on some fruit leftover from the Thirty-One open house with cool whip and a shortcake dessert cup (230 calories).  We watched the True Blood season premiere and then I curled up with Christian Grey will Joe cut out the address labels for our save the dates and watched the Stanley Cup game. All in all a pretty good evening!

So, I'm pretty excited about this spreadsheet/graph I stole from Angela!  I'm hoping it'll keep me motivated because I love filling up the bars when I accomplish a goal!  For the rest of the month I'm hoping to: track all of my food, drink at least 64oz of water per day, burn at least 1000 calories a day, workout 5 times per week, run at least 1 mile each day and post a blog post each day.  I'm thinking I'll share my graph in a post on Sundays so you all can keep up with my overall progress!
On a non healthy eating / exercising note, I asked Lorie if Alayna will be our flower girl!  We were on the fence about asking her for a while since she'll only be 17 months old when we get married and 7:30pm is late for little guys.  But I figure she'll be walking by then and all she has to do is look cute for 5 minutes then her grandma can take her home.  I'm hoping to dress her up in something similar to the tutu below only not in orange and with a lot of glitter!

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  1. I so did not want to work out last night! But I did! Because I told you I would. And then I felt better. Yay!
    Looking forward to your daily blogs!