Memorial Day Weekend

Ok, so here I am finally getting around to telling you about Memorial Day weekend.  At this point I'm not even sure why I'm bothering, other then the engagement party (that I can't blog about because I still don't have pictures **ahem**) it wasn't super exciting.

Joe was off from work on Friday so we went for a run before dinner.  It was not a pleasant run.  As you are all painfully aware, I have been very hard on myself about my running lately.  I had no desire to go for this run and I think I made it half way before I gave up and walked the rest of the way home.  Dinner was good though, Joe made the Skinny Italian Turkey Meatballs I had planned on having and they were quite tasty.
On Saturday I watched Jack for Nicole as usual.  We took a walk to McDonald's for breakfast, I don't do it often but I love me an Egg McMuffin & a Yogurt Parfait (460 calories total) every once in a while.  From there we went to Kmart where I picked up my new favorite beauty tool.  They're these little razors on a stick that make it super easy to clean up your eyebrows.  I may never get waxed again!
The rest of the late morning/early afternoon was spent hanging out around the house.  Jack napped and the cats played in all the toys he left out.
Nicole took Jack home after his nap and I met Edra for a manicure & some shopping.  I needed a dress for Kat's upcoming wedding so we met Joe when he got out of work and hit up Macy's.  I found two dresses and still haven't decided which to wear.  We were starving by the time I finished so we hit Ruby Tuesday for happy hour.  The rest of the evening was spent celebrating our engagement with our friends, which I would love to tell you about...
On Sunday I met Kat in Longport for a run and some beach time.  We decided to meet on the island in hopes it would be cooler.  It was, but still hot.  We did just under 3 miles and I took a couple of walk breaks which I'm not proud of...but at least I got my sweat on.  After we changed in my car we headed down to the beach and lounged for the next 5 hours.  It was lovely, just me w/Christian Grey and Kat w/Peeta Mellark.
Monday, Joe was off from work again so we headed over to the beach after breakfast.  I had gotten quite sunburned on Sunday so we made sure to bring the umbrella and I never took off my long dress or giant hat.  It was still a beautiful day though and Joe didn't seem to mind that I spent the majority of the time hanging with Christian.
Monday was also the first day of the Summer Running Streak Challenge.  We were pretty tired from spending the afternoon in the sun so we chose to just knocked out the required 1 mile.
I hadn't counted any calories since Saturday morning so I spent some time entering everything into MyFitnessPal and was disappointed.  I thought I had done a decent job of healthy eating and working out but my numbers were not good.  I decided not to be too hard on myself and try harder in the upcoming week...

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