weekly goals 6/18-24

Monday ~ workout - 1 mile & Cardio Blast/Abs (check) ~ dinner - Baked Chicken with Dijon and Lime & Roasted Asparagus  (check)

Tuesday ~ workout - 1 mile & softball game boot camp ~ after work plans - mall ~ dinner - Pasta Shells with Asparagus and Marinara Sauce Red Robin

Wednesday ~ workout - 1 mile & Cardio Kick-N-Step ~ after work plans - mani/pedi & hair cut ~ dinner - Turkey Burgers (check)

Thursday ~ workout - rest day (check) ~ after work plans - Thirty-One show (check) ~ dinner - takeout (check) ~ 6,925 steps, 612 calories burned
This is what happens when a Pampered Chef Consultant has a Thirty-One show...awesome snacks!
**LOST 2.6 LBS**  Friday ~ workout - 1+ mile ~ afternoon plans - beach (check) ~ dinner - sunset cruise for Kat's wedding! (check) ~ 11,682 steps, no calories counted

I have a bunch of big posts coming with the run down of the weekends events but I figured I'd list all the little stuff here...  We started our mini-vacation with breakfast at Fitzpatrick's on our way out of town.
We weren't able to check into our condo until early afternoon so we grabbed our beach stuff and found the rest of the wedding peeps on the beach.
We set sail on the Porgie around 7pm and enjoyed a cold buffet of sandwiches & salads while watching the sunset over the bay.
Saturday ~ workout - 1+ mile ~ afternoon plans - beach pool ~ dinner - Kat's wedding! (check) ~ 17,160 steps, no calories counted

To save money over the weekend each couple brought food for one meal.  Joe & I were in charge of breakfast on Saturday.  
The wedding was set to begin at 3:30pm so we stayed at the condo and hung out around the pool until it was time to get ready.  I'm not sure Thirty-One intended their cooler be used to hold numerous bottles of alcohol...
Before we knew it it was time to watch Mark & Kat tie the knot!
We spent the evening at their chic "backyard" reception, complete with tent and lots of different tasty finger foods.
Sunday ~ workout - 1+ mile ~ afternoon plans - BBQ @ Joe's parents ~ dinner - Lamberti's for Father's Day (check) ~ forgot my Fitbit all afternoon, no calories counted

Before heading home on Sunday we stopped for breakfast at the Mad Batter.
We spent the afternoon doing laundry, editing pictures and watching Harry Potter.  But before long it was time to head off and celebrate Father's Day!  We made a stop at Joe's parent's house for a BBQ then met my dad, Shana & Bill at Lamberti's for dinner overlooking the bay in Margate.
I broke the #1 healthy eating rule and decided to throw in the towel on my diet for the day.  After eating poorly at breakfast and forgetting to put my Fitbit on before leaving the house I just said f**k it.  And the best way to finish off a day like that is with frozen yogurt!

Here are my plans for this week:

workout - 1 mile & Cardio Blast/Abs

workout - 1 mile & boot camp
dinner - Pistachio Crusted Pork Chops & Sauteed Collard Greens with Bacon

workout - 1+ mile
after work plans - C&C Meeting
dinner - pizza/salad @ meeting

workout - 1 mile & Pump-N-Step
dinner - turkey burgers

workout - 1+ mile & boot camp
dinner - salad

workout - 1+ mile 
afternoon plans - watch Jack/help Nicole
dinner - BBQ @ Nicole's

workout - 1+ mile
afternoon plans - beach?

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