In an attempt to achieve my goal of blogging everyday I've prepared this gem :-)

Last five people I talked to on the phone:

  1. Nicole
  2. Shana
  3. Kat 
  4. Bill 
  5. Joe

      Last Five Meals I Ate:
      1. breakfast at Cape Roc
      2. dinner on the Porgie
      3. lunch at Cape Roc
      4. breakfast at Fitzpatrick's
      5. dinner from Wawa
      Last five places I’ve traveled:

      Cape May, NJ
      Ocean City, NJ
      Philadelphia, PA
      Park City, UT

        Next five places I will go:
        1. Father's Day BBQ at Joe's parent's house
        2. Father's Day dinner at Lamberti's
        3. work
        4. gym
        5. C&C meeting at Gourmet
        Last five workouts:
        1. run in Cape May
        2. Boot Camp
        3. Cardio Blast/Abs
        4. 1 mile run
        5. 1 mile run

        Five things making me happy right now:
        1. Seeing my friend Kat happily married!
        2. Getting to spend the weekend with friends.
        3. My Thirty-One business starting to make money again.
        4. Getting back on track with my healthy habits.
        5. Having a semi-clear schedule for next week!

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