a doozy of a day

Wednesday...it's a little hard to remember all the way back then...lol.  Nothing terribly exciting happened all morning.  I met my dad for lunch at JoJo's before a meeting out near his house.  I had 1/2 a turkey club and some french fries.
My meeting was about a 5K our company is trying to put together, I've been asked to be on the planning committee.  All of the planning is a lot more intensive then I thought and there's not a lot of time to get it all together so we may have to push the date back.  Other news, I picked up my softball team jersey on my out, I guess I'm official!
I had planned to hop on the elliptical at the gym for a little while after work.  But when I went to change I realized that I don't have any deodorant in my gym bag and there's was no way I was going to spend my evening in a small room with a bunch of women at my Thirty-One meeting with no deodorant...  I was a little conflicted about what to do with the extra hour.  What I really wanted to do was sit in the car and read but I also knew I should do something semi active, at least get some steps in.  So, I headed to Marshalls.
I mean really, is there anywhere better to kill an hour?  Plus, right before her wedding, Kat had mentioned that they had a lot of really cute shoes there!  As you all know I'm in a bit of a slump weight loss wise and shoes always fit!
Before long my hour was up and it was time to head to my meeting.  We had a special guest, our senior executive director Angie from North Carolina.  She was super sweet and told us all the story of how she joined the company and got to the position she's in today.  In the last 3 years she's been able to make enough money through Thirty-One to support her family and quit her full time job!  It was very inspiring.  Who knows if that's something I'll ever be able to attain but for now it was enough to get me excited about booking shows and growing my business.
In fact I decided to try to attend the Thirty-One conference in Georgia in August (if the flight is cheap and I can get time off of work).  I've already earned free admission through my sales but hadn't seriously considered going.  After speaking to Angie & Sherri, I realized I didn't have anything to lose by going and hopefully I'll be able to run a more profitable business in the end.
While we were listening to Angie speak I got a text from Joe asking if I'd like to go out for ice cream when I got home.  I figured I'd already had pizza & pasta for dinner, why not finish the day off right with a fluffernutter sundae?
Later, on the way to the Custard Hut I told Joe about my plan to attend conference  (if the flight is cheap and I can get time off of work) .  He's going to be in Vegas with some friends that same couple of days so it actually works out nicely!
Obviously eating all that delicious food did nothing for my calorie count, I barely burned anything for the day.  I also only got 4,548 steps what with all the sitting at my meeting...  Overall not a great day on the healthy eating/exercising front but at least I'm excited about Thirty-One again.

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