I found this list of "The Skinny Rules" on Pinterest the other day and decided they seemed pretty logical and I could give some a try.  Mind you I have no intentions of adding 20 new healthy eating rules to my diet overnight.  I figured I could work a couple in at a time, starting yesterday.  My plan was to follow Rule 7: No Carbs After Lunch and Rule 13: Get Rid of Fast Foods and Fried Foods.
I started the day with 1/2 a french toast bagel with whipped cream cheese and an iced breakfast blend coffee with York Peppermint Patty creamer (275 calories).  Around 11:30 I got hungry again so I grabbed a peach (38 calories) out of my lunch bag and sliced it up as a snack.
I had planned on hitting the elliptical for a little while between work and our 6:45 softball game.  But Mandy ever so sweetly suggested we take boot camp instead.  I know I've said it before but I totally cave to peer pressure all the time and was like, "sure, sounds great!"  So, we took Bryan's boot camp class and I may or may not have promised him an invite to our wedding dependent on how good I look in September...
I was a little nervous, it being my first game since the 5th grade and all. They put me in as catcher for the first two innings!  Surprisingly I didn't hurt myself and actually managed to catch the ball and throw it back to the pitcher numerous times without any embarrassing moments!
Our team won by a lot and in celebration we went to Chickie's & Pete's.  Mandy, Jen & I discussed sharing a salad but when the waitress told everyone about the $5 pizza and $2 crab fries special that went out the window.
I'm proud to say I only had one drink, 2 wings, 2 small slices of pizza and some fries which kept me around my 1000+ burn for the day!  However, I not only ate carbs after lunch, I ate fried white potato carbs!  Plus I drank some calories!  I really made Bob proud!
I also didn't get my steps, 8,897 for the day.

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  1. Haha I was going to tell you that Rule 7 was my favorite so good pick! But no carbs as in potatoes, pasta, and grains. I don't think he means veggies (which are carbs too). Anyway!

    Congrats on the game!! Don't worry about the celebratory dinner. Work on that tomorrow.