week in review

You already got the basics in the week's goal post but I figured I'd show you some pictures too.  Although I guess I could have just included them in the recap.  Ah, whatever!

On Tuesday I ran a mile on the treadmill then went to spin at the gym.  I'm very proud of myself because Mandy couldn't meet me and normally I would just bail on the whole thing if I didn't have a workout buddy.  But not this time!  After my workout I went home and heated up some leftovers from the engagement party.  Joe and I spent a solid 4 days eating eggplant parmesan, chicken piccata and spinach in hopes of not having to throw away any of the delicious leftovers. 
Apparently I didn't take any pictures on Wednesday because the next shot on my phone is from Thursday.  I came home from the gym to find Joe, Nicole & Jack out front.  There was a robin's nest in the rose bush with 2 of the eggs that had hatched.
After almost a week of eating the same food over and over Joe suggested we make our first trip on the season to The Clam Bar.  We ran in the house to change and while Joe was closing windows we discovered one was broken, really broken.
We didn't let the broken window dampen our spirits though, it was clam bar time!  Smith's Clam Bar is a little hole in the wall place in Somers Point that has really good seafood.  Seriously, the place is nothing to look at and there's no air conditioning...but the food is out of this world.
We shared a bowl of clam chowder and an order of fried clam strips then I ordered the seafood potato skins as my main course, very possibly my favorite food.  They only make them on Thursdays so that's the day Nicole & I prefer to go.
Joe was out of work early on Friday and Mandy couldn't make it to the gym so I set my sights on a longer run.  We decided on 3 miles and strayed from our normal path a little for a change of scenery.  I didn't take any walk breaks, that's big for me lately!
I'm very happy with how the week went.  I managed to run every day for the Summer Running Streak plus 3 more classes at the gym!  Unfortunately I gained a pound when I got on the scale Friday morning :-(  I'm sure there's something I'm missing that's keeping me from losing weight but for now I'm just going to be happy that I seem to have gotten my groove back!

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