weekly goals ~ 6/25-7/1

 Monday ~ workout - 1 mile & Cardio Blast/Abs (check) ~ dinner - BLT lettuce wraps (check)

Tuesday ~ workout - 1 mile & boot camp spin ~ dinner - Pistachio Crusted Pork Chops (check) & Sauteed Collard Greens with Bacon

Wednesday ~ workout - 1+ mile ~ after work plans - C&C Meeting (check) ~ dinner - pizza/salad @ meeting (check)

Thursday ~ workout - 1 mile & Pump-N-Step elliptical ~ dinner - turkey burgers sushi

Friday ~ workout - 1+ mile & boot camp elliptical ~ dinner - salad bagel thin & yogurt

I woke up in a great mood on Friday, after all it was Friday!  I was excited about the Thirty-One conference and ready to tackle the day and start my weekend.  Unfortunately there was some drama in my office that slammed my great mood to the ground then stomped on it.  I spent the rest of the morning trying to calm down and concentrate on the positive.  Anne & I decided to get away at lunch and went over to Gary's, I made a poor food choice, chicken salad melt w/french fries.  I know I'm an emotional eater and I should try to handle my moods without drowning them in food but it is what is...
The silver lining to my junky lunch was that I was going to the gym after work so I'd be able to burn most of it off.  Mandy & I had planned to take boot camp but her hip was bothering her so she decided to take a rest day.  I'm pretty proud that I went by myself, normally I would have thrown in the towel and spent the evening on the couch.  Mind you I didn't take boot camp, I'm not going up against Bryan on my own!  But I did tackle the weight loss program on the elliptical (and hid from Bryan when I made my escape).
I missed my 1000 calorie goal by a smidge, I should have skipped the popcorn while we watched tv...
I did manage to get my steps though, 10,116!
Saturday ~ workout - 1+ mile ~ afternoon plans - watch Jack/help Nicole (check) ~ dinner - BBQ @ Nicole's (check)

Joe didn't have to work until the afternoon on Saturday so we picked Jack up and headed straight for the beach.
Our friend's, Stephanie & Angelo, own a little restaurant right on the beach in Ocean City.  It's a little pricey so we don't go often but it's a fun change to eat while overlooking the beach then hang by the water for a little while.  I'm excited because Angelo said they might be a little short staffed towards the end of the summer and asked if I'd like to pick up some shifts.  Extra money is always good so hopefully he remembers to call me!
Joe & Jack had a fun time playing in the sand and jumping waves while I read and soaked up some sun.  Soon it was time for Joe to get ready for work and we had to pack up, it'll be really fun next week when he has the whole day off!  It's normally a quick drive home over the bridge but we had to stop twice to help turtles cross the road!  It was quite comical watching cars stop, throw on their hazards then jump out to run the little guys across.  
Jack was so tired from all the excitement that he passed out sitting up on the couch!
I spent the rest of the day helping Nicole get ready for a BBQ they were having that evening.  Lou had to work until just before everyone was set to arrive so I wanted to be sure she had an extra set of hands to cook, clean or chase Jack, whatever she needed.

Shana & Bill were the first to arrive and looked adorable in their matching outfits.  Apparently they each picked out what to wear and when they saw each other neither would agree to change so they were the coordinated couple all evening.
It was a fun night with lots of good food, good conversation and too many drinks!
My calories were an absolute disaster, I didn't manage any burn at all!  I really need to get my weekends under control!  I do a decent job all week long then destroy all that hard work by eating junk and drinking alcohol on Saturday & Sunday.
I also missed my 10,000 step goal at only 8,937 for the day.
Sunday ~ workout - 1+ mile video ~ afternoon plans - beach? cooking up a storm ~ dinner - Chicken Rollatini with Spinach alla Parmigiana (check)

I got up and had breakfast with Joe before he went to work then Nicole and Jack came over and we vegged on the couches.  We kept talking about how nice it was outside but we just couldn't manage to pry ourselves up and actually leave the house.  Eventually, some time after noon, we headed over to ShopRite.
I had been wanting to try Courtney's Frozen Orange Creamsicle Snacks so I picked up some blood orange Chobani and made them as soon as we got back.  They're not bad...not sure I'd give up ice cream for them but at only 57 calories it's a nice treat on a hot day.
My next endevour was Rice Krispie Treats.  We had a bunch of marshmallows left over from the engagement party so I grabbed a box of store brand rice cereal and whipped up a batch.  I always forget how much I like them!
Around 5pm I got started on dinner, Chicken Rollatini with Spinach alla Parmigiana.  I wanted to give myself plenty of time to put the recipe together because it seems like every time I try something new it takes hours and I end up starving.  I was pleasantly surprised that this one came together quickly and easily, pretty tasty too!
I was on the fence about a workout but Joe really wanted to get one in after dinner and suggested a 3 mile run.  I was not in the mood to run so he decided to hit the gym and that motivated me to get up and try a video.  I grabbed Bob Harper's Beginners Weight Loss DVD and popped it in.  Let me tell you, that is not a beginner workout...or I'm extremely out of shape!  I was huffing and puffing after the first 10 minutes and dripping sweat like a spin class by the time it was done!
I once again just missed my 1000 calorie burn.  Too much snacking in the afternoon...
 I did manage to get my steps though, 10,155!

My goal chart is looking pretty sad.  I'm not on target to achieve anything 100% which is disappointing.  The biggest issue is that I need to get in control of my calories.  I'm making too many poor choices on too regular of a basis!
 Here are my plans for this week:

workout - exercise w/Joe
dinner - raid the fridge

workout - elliptical
after work plans - softball game
dinner - raid the fridge

workout - rest day
after work plans - floral meeting at Sheraton
dinner - Bonefish Happy Hour w/Kristina & Megan

workout - elliptical
after work plans & dinner - Chili's w/Kelly

workout - boot camp
dinner - burgers on the grill

workout - rest day
afternoon plans - wedding shopping in Philly
dinner - restaurant/takeout

workout - exercise w/Joe
afternoon plans - beach?

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  1. My weekends are the worst too, just so much always going on. For me, its hardest to stick to the no-grains thing and the working out thing.

    Way to go on hitting the gym by yourself! I know you hate that.

    And a friend of mine says she likes doing goals for 10 days at a time. I love that idea! So starting next month, I'm going to think of less goals (maybe 3 or 4) and do them for 10 days at a time. That way, things get changed up now and then and I don't feel overwhelmed when my chart looks crappy. And if there are 31 days in the month, I'm making that extra day a freebie:)