and the winner is...

So, way back on Tuesday...  I closed out my Thirty-One open house.  Which meant I needed to draw names for my giveaways!  Based on the excellent numbers at my open house I was able to give away 2 half price items, an Organizing Utility Tote and $50 in free product!  I went through all of the considerations I'd set up and then put everyone's "tickets" in a bowl, Anne was kind enough to draw the winning names.  Congrats to Angela, Robyn, Kelli & Kathy!

We still hadn't had time to restock the fridge after our weekend away so Anne & I decided to head to Gary's for lunch.  I had a ham, egg & cheese croissant with home fries (523 calories).
I was on my own for the gym since it was Mandy's boyfriend's birthday.  The only class I can really tolerate on my own is Spin so that's what I did.  I find it amusing that I'm such a hot mess at the end of that class.  I'm usually dripping and red faced and half dead...
As soon as I walked in the door I got started on my Pistachio Crusted Pork Chops (310 calories).  Joe couldn't find shelled pistachios at the grocery store so first I took care of that task.  For future reference, shelling a 1/2 cup of pistachios is a pain in the ass.  I was also supposed to make Sauteed Collard Greens with Bacon but after all the work with the pork I wasn't feeling trying another new dish and just steamed up some spinach instead.  It was a lot of work and I need to figure out how to make the topping less clumpy next time but it was delicious!  Joe kept saying, this is really good!  He even went back for a second chop.
I did well on my calories!
And after a late night Jack chasing session next door I managed to get my steps as well, 10,084!

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  1. Those pork chops sound delicious! And I agree. I shelled some pistachios last week so I could measure them before eating them. I was shooting for 1/2 cup. Ended up having 1/4 cup. And mine were chili lime roasted so my fingers were covered too. LoL!