There aren't enough days in the weekend.

I didn't think I had a lot going on last weekend.  I thought it was going to be a lazy couple of days but when I sat down to put this post together I realized it was a pretty eventful!  

For some reason I didn't take any pictures on Saturday morning but Jack, my mom & I went to Shea's (mmmmmm cinnamon swirl pancake) for breakfast and then to visit Joe at work.  Jack ran out all of his energy on the indoor playground and we even ran into Lorie & Alayna!  

After a nap we added Nicole and Shana to the crew and headed to the Sheraton for a walk through.  I have all these big ideas for the wedding but we needed to see the venue again to figure out what should go where.
The big ballroom was set up for a prom which was helpful because we got to see what the room looked like set up, including the chairs!  I don't love them but they're not bad enough that I feel the need to rent others either.  We also realized that there's no way we can use the small ballroom for our ceremony.  The picture below is only set up for 60 guests, we'd have almost 3 times that!  It looks like we'll probably use 1/3 of the large ballroom for the ceremony and then while everyone's at cocktail hour they'll flip it and set up the food, photo booth, etc for the reception.
Joe left work about the same time we left the venue so we decided to get our Summer Running Streak 1 mile in before anything else got in the way.
After our workout I hopped in the shower since some friends were coming by to roast marshmallows later.  When I got out Joe told me to come look out the window quickly.  I know it's not the best picture but that is a large raccoon eating out of our bird feeder!  I swear the thing was the size on a dog!
Once the sun went down it was s'mores time! 
We didn't have too many people over, just Nicole/Lou/Jack and Tim.  The boys talked about sports and the recent zombie like attacks around the country while I teased Nicole about using topiary at our wedding.  I have plans to set our ceremony up with trees and candles like this:
But when we were talking about it Nicole just couldn't come up with the right word and said topiary instead.  Therefore I found it only fair to message her pictures like these all evening...
Oh, and also this...because I think it's about the best lawn ornament ever!

Sunday wasn't nearly as eventful.  Joe and I got up and went to Fitzpatrick's snazzy new location for breakfast.  This stuffed french toast with bananas & strawberries was out of control delicious!
When Joe had to leave for work I hung out in the front yard with Nicole while Jack rode his bike.
Eventually I headed back to my house and spent the rest of the afternoon with Christian Grey.  I read the majority of book two and probably would have finished it if my mother hadn't interrupted me.  

You see, my mother would probably lose her head if it wasn't attached.  She was out at camp for an open house (45 minutes from home) and she locked her keys in her car...  Which meant I had to drive across town to her house to pick up her spare set and then out to camp to drop them off to her and back...  I wasn't thrilled. By the time I got back from camp I only had about an hour until Joe got home from work so I curled up with Christian for a little while longer.

There was a thunderstorm coming in so as soon as Joe got home we quick changed and went for our 1 mile run.  I was bummed because Christian had just gone missing and I wasn't sure what was going to happen to him!  I'm not sure if it was my worry for Christian or the thunder & lightning rolling in but I ran that mile in just over 10 minutes, an entire minute after then the day before!

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