weekly goals 6/11-17

Well, last week didn't go as planned.  I was trucking along really well at the beginning of the week as I reported in my posts last week...

Monday - workout - 1+ mile w/Joe & softball (check), dinner - salad (check)

Tuesday - workout - 1+ mile & softball practice (check), dinner - Lighter Creamy Garlic Pasta (check)

On Wednesday I even squeezed in my 1 mile run (check) while waiting for Lorie to meet me at the bridal salon to pick out her dress.  

Things weren't fantastic on the eating front what with a pit stop at Boston Market before attending a wine tasting (check) and then Joe & I met up for takeout (check) after the tasting.  My slightly buzzed self never makes the best food choices...
On Thursday I got my 1 mile run (check) in just before a massive thunderstorm but my after work plans for dinner w/Kelly fell through and I ended up having leftovers instead.

 Friday is where things really fell apart.  I spent my whole day in a class at work and by the time I got out my brain was totally fried and I had no desire to squeeze in even a 1 mile run.  I briefly considered doing it after the softball fundraiser @ Chickie & Pete's (check) but after a few drinks, that wasn't happening.  Which means I broke the streak.  I wish I had a good reason like I was injured or something but it's not the case, I just slacked off.  But the good news is that I spent some time talking to the manager of my gym and a personal trainer at the fundraiser and I'm excited about a group personal training class they're going to start offering!  The bad news is that the trainer reminded me why I'm not losing weight.  I'm just not committed.  I keep making all of these excuses but in reality it's that I've just simply been slacking off.  When I lost all the weight before I was on a mission.  I didn't skip workouts or eat more then my allotted calories and it wasn't fun, but it worked.  

Starting today (Monday), Joe & I are back on task.  I know it's going to be hard, especially with Kat's wedding this weekend but I'm going to give it my best effort.  I'm going to start taking pictures of my food again and it's 1000 burn or no more then 1200 eaten.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!

On Saturday we had our yard sale (check) and did really well, we made almost $500 selling my old clothes and other assorted junk! 
I was planning on putting dinner (Bacon Ranch Crockpot Chicken) in the crock pot for later that evening but after having bagel sandwiches for breakfast, chicken cheese steaks for lunch plus an ice cream stop on the way to the beach we weren't hungry for dinner and skipped the meal all together in favor of some champagne on the beach.  And of course after drinking all the champagne I didn't feel like running my 1 mile especially after already breaking the streak.  The only saving grace was that I got 11,698 steps and a good workout lifting all those boxes and putting everything out.
Sunday was a crazy day!  After the great turnout at Saturday's yard sale Nicole and I decided to set everything up again for Sunday.  It was quite as lucrative as Saturday but I'll take an extra $100 anytime!
I once again skipped my 1+ mile run but feel ok about it, between setting up/tearing down the yard sale and my Thirty-One open house I ended up dripping sweat and getting 14,606 steps!  I had a decent turn out at the open house and although I didn't get any parties booked from it at least I got the word out.  

The additional yard sale day threw a wrench in my dinner plans because I didn't have time to run to the store and pick up ingredients for my planned Slow Cooker Cranberry Roast Beef.   But that was ok because when Joe got home from work we decided to enjoy another evening on the beach.  We brought a bottle of white wine this time and enjoyed our respective books while watching the sunset.
Once the sun was down it got pretty cool and we were hungry.  We decided to use some money from the yard sale to have a nice dinner from the new restaurant across the street.  Everything was very good and Joe had a promising conversation with the owners that would allow for us to have our rehearsal dinner there!
So, not the best week diet & exercise wise but I hopeful that this coming week and the months ahead will see me back on track and dropping these pesky 20 pounds!

Here are my plans for this week:

workout - 1 mile & Cardio Blast/Abs

workout - 1 mile & softball game
dinner - Pasta Shells with Asparagus and Marinara Sauce

workout - 1 mile & Cardio Kick-N-Step
dinner - Turkey Burgers

workout - rest day
after work plans - Thirty-One show
dinner - takeout

workout - 1+ mile
afternoon plans - beach
dinner - sunset cruise for Kat's wedding!

workout - 1+ mile
afternoon plans - beach
dinner - Kat's wedding!

workout - 1+ mile
dinner - Lamberti's for Father's Day

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  1. I've been slacking too. I mean, I eat really healthy and I stuck to Insanity but I think I used to be a ton more strict with my calories. And now I'm having trouble getting back into a workout routine. You are right, it wasn't easy at all to lose the weight before. Just gotta do it, right?