It's official, I'm going to conference!  After finding a $117 flight (round trip!) and having my time off approved at my full time job, I'm registered and ready to go!  I think it's going to be a really great couple of days!
That was my biggest excitement for Thursday but it was really a good day all around.  After work I met Mandy at the gym and we hit the elliptical machines.  It was a quick workout and I felt great afterward, it was good to change things up!  When I got home Nicole asked if I needed steps because she & Jack were walking over to ShopRite.  I still needed about 2000 steps so I made a quick change and met them out front.  

While Nicole was checking out my fancy new Coach flip flops from Marshalls, she spotted a baggie.  This was super exciting because we'd left the baggie with beach tags for our friends the previous weekend while we were out of town and when they stopped to pick them up they couldn't find them.  Joe looked all over when we got home and there was no sign of them.  So yay!

Jack was a crazy monkey man at ShopRite, climbing onto every rack he could get near.
Soon Joe was home from work and suggested we go out for sushi to celebrate my going to conference.  We called Carol & Chris to meet up but they couldn't get away.  We had a really nice night together :-)
I'm proud to say I did really well on my calories for the day!  Even with a meal out and a mediocre workout I burned 1161!
My steps were great too, 12,203!

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