one step forward, two steps back

I was doing so well...then once again life got in the way.  I started Wednesday with another laughing cow, egg & tomato sandwich on an english muffin (251 calories).  I had a meeting at lunch time so I had to eat early, more fruit and greek yogurt (320 calories).  I was hungry again as soon as my meeting was over so I sliced up a peach as an afternoon snack. 

After work I headed home to drop off our farm basket and some frozen pizzas I had purchased from a co-worker's son.  Then immediately walked over to the nail salon for a mani/pedi, we have so much going on the next few days that I didn't have any time closer to the wedding.  I went with a glitter polish on my toes and pale pink on my fingers.
I headed home as soon as my nails were dry and started prepping all of the greens from the farm basket.  I gave Nicole a bunch since we'll be out of town all weekend but there was still so much left!  I cleaned and de-stemmed 3 bunches of spinach, collard greens and 2 heads of lettuce, it's out of control!  I'm not sure how we're going to eat it all before it goes bad...

Joe had dinner on the grill but before he could finish cooking Jessica showed up to trim my hair.  I'm trying to grow it a little for our wedding, but it gets to be such a hot mess so quickly.  After barely a month my bangs are long and it's flipping funny in the back so I call Jessica and she comes back over to clean me up.  While Jessica worked on my hair Joe came in with our dinner, turkey burgers & corn on the cobb.  I didn't take a picture since I was busy trying to eat while holding my head still, not an easy task.

I had planned on going for a run with Joe after dinner/hair cut but he ended up with last minute tickets to the Korn concert in Atlantic City and was off to meet a few guys for the evening.  I asked Nicole if she was up for a walk so I could at least get my steps now that my workout was out.  Unfortunately it started raining about the time Jessica finished with my hair so more plans down the tubes.  I spent the rest of the evening prepping for Anne's Thirty-One show the following night, then caught up with Christian and enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate before bed.
I still managed to burn more then 500 calories but not the 1000 I wanted.
Only 5,770 steps for the day, bummer.  Although a friend of mine just got a fitbit and is really excited about it.  Her enthusiasm is infectious and has really been pushing me to get up and move more!

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