YAY for May!

I just finished reading Tina's blog post about all the fun stuff she's doing in May and it got me thinking.  I have a lot of fun stuff going on in May too, what a great idea for a post!  So here it is, all my fun May plans!

5/12 - The AtlantiCare Century Club Gala - This will be my third time attending the event.  Because I work closely with our marketing & foundation departments they extend me the opportunity to work the beginning of the event in exchange for a free ticket.  It's so much fun, getting all dressed up and going out!  Last year I worked the registration desk for the first hour or so then went in and enjoyed dinner & dancing!
5/13 - Phillies Game - Thanks to our parents xmas gifts, Joe was able to purchase a package of tickets for this season.  I'm not a huge baseball fan but I love people watching and the food at Citizen's Bank Park is out of control.
5/18-20 - Kat's Bachelorette Weekend - Mark & Kat's wedding is getting closer and closer!  I haven't heard for sure but I think the plan is to stay at her friend's beach house for the weekend and take a trip to Atlantic City one evening!
5/19-30 - Visiting with Sarah & Edra - My two out of town bridesmaids just happen to be going to town this month!  I don't get to see either of them more then once or twice a year so it'll be great to go out for drinks or hit the beach on a nice day!
5/23 - Bridesmaid Dress Shopping - Since all of my bridal party will be in the same town at the same time I figured there was no better time to go dress shopping!  We're hitting 2 stores in one night then grabbing dinner & drinks!
5/25-28 - Memorial Day Weekend - I don't think this needs much explanation...I live at the beach...
It's going to be a great month!!

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