Seriously, I'm my own worst enemy.  I knew that this week wasn't going to be great exercise wise but I somehow convinced myself that I would control my eating and even it all out in the end.  Not the case...  I was over by 714 calories yesterday.

What had happened was...  

I was cruising along OK all day, a few more snacks here and there but I chalk that up to poor eating all weekend.  It usually takes me a day or so to get the cravings out of my system.  I had meal planned on eating a Good Earth Mediterranean Chicken dinner before heading out to work on our registry with Joe.  Unfortunately he got stuck in an interview (which is a good thing) so we decided to meet at the mall instead of driving home and then driving back out.  We spent an hour or so adding bedding & towels to our registry then Joe asked where I wanted to go for dinner.  I hemmed and hawed, even suggested we just go home and eat the chicken but in the end it was decided we'd go to Red Robin.

I put up a good effort at first.  I ordered a turkey burger on a lettuce bun but I couldn't say no to the fries!  And then we had more fries!  And then Joe twisted my arm into getting a salted caramel shake (kid's size).  When all was said and done I'd consumed 1292 calories at dinner!
Then I did what they always tell you not to do.  I threw in the towel on my day.  I decided that I'd already ruined everything at dinner so I might as well have some kettle corn (although not as bad as I thought).  I was sitting on the couch chomping away when I saw the following pictures from this past weekend on Facebook .
I was a little disappointed after seeing the top one but it could just be the angle and the slouchy sweater but when I saw the bottom one I stopped mind chew and put the bag of popcorn away.  I know, it could be the way I'm sitting & the angle that the photo was taken at but ugh!  I don't ever want to see myself looking like that in a bathing suit...
What am I going to do?  Well, I'll tell you, I'm going to take each day as it comes and do the best that I can.  Today (Tuesday) I'm going to try to go for a run after work and if I don't have time I'm going to walk to ShopRite with Joe after dinner and get my steps.  I'm going to order something healthy while we're out celebrating Janey's anniversary and I'm not going to drink alcohol.  Maybe as the temperature gets warmer and I start wearing less clothing I'll get my motivation back.  For today I'm wearing pants that are too small... it's working...

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  1. I had to laugh at the too-small-pants thing. That works for motivating me too!

    And I think that picture was just a bad angle but I know what you mean after seeing *that* picture of yourself. You can do it!!!